Goals and Results

2017 – The lead-up to the Croc Trophy

  • February – Otway Odyssey 50k – 4th 50+ and 27th overall – results here – first race back in a couple of years with big goals towards the end of the year… here starts the race training!
  • March – Wombat Classic 50km – 1st 50+ – results here – managed to come over the top of at least one of those who beat me in the Odyssey the week before (Dave Ollie) – will hopefully continue to improve quickly
  • March – Golden Triangle Epic 100km – 1st 50+ which is also a 1st for the National Marathon Series race – very pleasing result and really feel like my form is on the up
  • April – Emergency Services Games – 3 hour endure – 1st 50+ and 4th overall
  • April – Albruy 6hr Solo – VES Series Race 11st 50+ which was also first in the 40+ (but only ’cause Arch had some issues) and 4th overall!! – means I pick up series points for 40+
  • May 6 – Forrest 6hr Solo – 2nd 50+ and 9th overall – here are the results
  • May 15 – Duael 5 hour – 3rd 40+ team with Ross Snowball
  • May 21 – Lysty 6 hr – VES Series Race 2 – 3rd in 40+ (no 50+ category)




  • 19-02-2011 Otway Odyssey – XC MTB (100k) – fatal mechanical at 35k mark
  • 26-03-2011 Warburton road race – Road B grade (113k) – 2nd after 105k being in break of two
  • 31-03-2011 Emergency Services Games – XC MTB – 1st overall, 1st age-group
  • 9-04-2011 Bright 6hr Enduro – XC MTB – 2nd age group, 6th overall
  • 10-04-2011 Marysville to Melbourne – Adventure Relay (run, ride, ride, run, padle, padle) – 1st overall in my cycle leg, 4th Corporate team, 30th overall
  • 25-09-2011 Two week Noosa Holiday – I need to train for this more than any road race.  I SURVIVED!
  • 16-10-2011 Lygon Street Herald Sun Tour lead-up crit – Masters A/B grade – see result here.
  • 29-10-2011 Melbourne to Warnambool (road scratch open) – My goal for this race is to not get dropped from the main bunch, experiment with my best efforts to get in a break and test my ability.  Not necessarily to finish.  See results here.
  • 25-11-2011 Took part in a 6 man team for the Garmin 24hr MTB race.  Conditions were absolutely terrible resulting in a pretty disappointing weekend all-round.  Read about it here.
  • 3-1-2012 Just a little dirt crit in Bright – a little one but still a win!
  • 5-2-2012 Gravity 12 hour – in Bright – triple team with Brendan and Doogs from Cyclepath – covered here.


  • 29-01-2012 Alpine Classic – disappointed not to have cracked the 7hr barrier again but happy with a solid performance which smashed Brenton (most important!).  Here’s my history.
  • 19-2-2012 Otway Oddysey – 100km marathon MTB race – done and dusted.
  • 1-4-2012 Duael 6 hour (pairs team with Matt) – what a bloody ripper race.  20 minute laps and only one allowed at a time – non-stop action.  Matt and I third in male pairs… pretty happy.
  • October 2012 Surfcoast 12 hr (pairs team with Al) – top race on top trails – third in male teams… extremely happy with this result considering it was Al’s first MTB race – not bad!
  • 4-11-2012 Chase the Sun 7hr – raced Solo.  Third in over 40 category and fourth overall.  Not bad for a fat bloke in a race with 2700m climbing in 113k – how ridiculous!
  • 25-11-2012 Chase the Sun 8hr – crashed and smashed my face – lucky to survive!


  • February 2013 Bright 12hr – 2nd in Open Team Pairs with Brendon (9th overall) – Team Cyclepath – blog and results here.
  • March 2013 – The Mont 24hr in Canberra – Winners of the mixed fours category with Wazza, BJ and Deb – and 20th overall out of 539 teams!  Grouse – results here for the Stoneage Romeos (search that).
  • April 2013 – Winner of the Emergency Services Games Road Race – 60km RR in Newham.
  • April 2013 – First race in a team with Jack in the Emergency Services Games Mountain Bike 3hr Enduro – came 4th in the open male pairs! – How good’s that?! – Top effort to my little 13 year old beating all those cops, ambos, fire-fighters… missed out on the podium by 3 minutes.  Detailed Results
      • Fourth fastest in lap times overall for me… geez those blokes make it hard!  Fastest Male Laps
  • April 2013 – Wombat 100k  (results here) was probably my best result ever where I was just as happy with my overall time as I was with the 2nd in 40+ and 6th overall.  Very satisfying result this one!
  • May 2013 – saw me scammering around the 20min course at Forrest in the 6 hour with Matt as my partner.  Extremely happy with our performance here with a 5th overall and a 5th in category (open male pairs coz Matt is so young!) – here are the results.
  • A couple of Dirt Rider MTB club races with the kids… DNF the first (mechanical) 3rd in the second (B Grade)
  • Blores Hill 6 hour4th in 40+ and 11th overall
  • Tour of Bright in early December…Hmmm… I am NEVER doing this race again.


  • February – Crazy 6hr – Solo 40+ – 4th and at least in the top 10 overall
  • February – Bright Gravity 12 Hour – Solo 40+ – 2nd and 4th overall
  • March – Otway Odyssey 50k – 40+ – 3rd and top ten overall

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