Crocodile Trophy Support Partners

The Crocodile Trophy in September is a major 2017 goal for me and my two mates Mick and Rod; Three Cops at the Croc. It’s a fairly large logistical challenge to get us organised and we wouldn’t be able to do it without help from a number of different people and organisations.


We have partnered with The Crocodile Trophy and Enduro Magazine to produce a feature story in the popular hard-copy edition later in 2017.  We’ll also publish short stories along the way via social media.  Keep an eye out for our daily updates via Crocodile Trophy and Enduro social media throughout the race between 16 and 23 September.  Enduro has had a bit of a hiatus over recent months but look out for aCapture4 soon to be published Travel Edition, followed by another with our story later in the year. It’s Melbourne’s most popular mountain bike magazine for a reason.

Capture2Mick and I have long been well looked after by Cycle Works Box Hill and I certainly would have a very different cycling journey without them. They have been amazing for me and in my opinion, Cycle Works is one of the best service local bike shops you could ever hope to find. None of this big franchise business! Cycle Works is just good solid service and advice. Do yourself a favour and get down there.


Rod has just signed up with Giant Brunswick East where Trav has supplied him with a brand new Giant XTC Advanced 29er. Lucky man. It’s the top-of-the-line Giant hardtail and will be super-fast and perfect for Rod on the Croc.




I feel privileged to be riding on Curve Cycling Carbon wheels – these ones to be exact – and I’m hoping they will take me to good places in this important race. They certainly make me feel fast. Curve are a small Melbourne company dedicated to manufacturing quality cycling products.  I’m proud to be riding on something – the rolling bits at least –  from a Melbourne owned company.


On the Curves – and also on Mick and Rod’s bikes – will be Maxxis tyres. We’re lucky enough to have them supply all of our tyre needs for the Croc. We’ll be riding on a mix of Ikons, Ardent Race and Crossmark II between the three of us depending on our various preferences and daily needs. Very lucky.

19959130_1880165892306819_8699118252171710809_nAdam Kelsall of Hero Dirt Coaching has been invaluable to me. Body and mind prep. My focus and learning since starting with him in February 2017 has me fitter than ever at 50!

Last but not least of course is my gorgeous family; Jack for pushing me on the more crazy stuff, Lucy for taking me to lots of races and Karen and Kate for tolerating my spending, my grumpiness (occasionally), and the whole deal that goes with preparing for such a major event.  I love you all to bits.