Just a little trip to the dentist

(Warning:  This post may be of absolutely no interest to a large number of people.  But if you want to read about a dental experience in Thailand, this is one place you might get some idea of what it’s like, so read on.)

Staying in the one place in Thailand for 14 nights seems like a long time.  How on earth are we going to fill it?!  That amount of time is required though because being the good Google researcher that I am, I know some dental procedures need that many days to be properly completed.

Thailand 2016-43

Just getting our heads in the right frame of mind.

So here we are.  My brother Tim and I made appointments for our first day in Thailand many months ago; me at 11 a.m. and Tim at 12.  I had been looking forward to it for weeks.

Looking forward to the dentist you ask?

Well – yes… I had already succumbed to having a tooth extracted at home some weeks ago due to the pain I’d been dealing with.  The thing that erked me there was that I had to pay Australian prices!  I couldn’t tolerate the pain for any longer.  What cost me $300 in Melbourne would have cost me $77 max here in Patong Beach had I been able to wait.  And that’s only the start of it.

Visit Number 1 – Day 2 of trip – 20 June 2016 – Initial Assessment

Thailand 2016-15I was welcomed into the Patong Smile Dental Clinic by extremely friendly staff members… many of them – as seems to be the case in many settings in Thailand.  Many massagers, many tuk-tuks, many t-shirts, many taxis, many motor-bikes for hire… and luckily, many Singhas.

You may have seen the rather appropriate t-shirts available at the many market stalls here with the caption, “No, I don’t want a fucking massage, tuk-tuk, taxi or t-shirt!”  Note they don’t mention Singha… coz we generally do.

Then I met Dr. Dong and spent the next hour taking x-ray’s, talking x-ray’s, stretching jaws (mainly mine) and discussing plans for the next two weeks.  I had also taken with me, a very recent OPG (orthopantomogram) which I’d had taken in Melbourne and that came in very handy.  Dr. Dong was nothing short of amazing and Tim had exactly the same experience, he was caring and very empathetic. His assessment wasn’t just about getting the job done within the time-frame but also focussed on the best pain management (knowing many of his clients are hoping to have a bonus holiday) and best bang-for-your-buck.

I carried the advantage of already being very aware of what I needed done.  I had been through enough assessment and some treatment in Melbourne, to know what work was required.  Happily, Dong’s assessment and recommendations were extremely consistent with this.  That certainly provided me with a good level of confidence.

I walked out of this first visit very happy that I was in good hands and was satisfied that I had signed up to a good plan for the next two weeks.  No rest for the wicked though… my first real treatment was booked for 5 p.m. that evening with the oral surgeon for a crown lengthening.

Shiiiiiiiit!  Standby…

Total cost:  Five x-ray’s at 250THB each – $47AU

Ongoing total: 250THB – $47AU


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