The caves – an additional challenge of the digital age

On Thursday evening I left work at 5 p.m. and celebrated by ringing Karen to exclaim, “I’m on my way home in daylight for once!” – for I had been working intensely for the last three weeks and it was nice to think I’d actually get home for dinner.

Ho hum, I know… everyone is busy – but bear with me.

Karen replied with, “Well I’m on the way out for dinner with my work mates so I’ll see you ilater.”

This was not so bad.  I was happy that I’d be able to spend an evening on the couch with the kids.

When I arrived home, Karen was walking out the door and the kids were just finishing off dinner.  Thereafter, there was silence – and nobody to be seen.  I settled on the couch to watch The Project and Masterchef all on my own.  I was well-and-truly ready to sit in a brainless stupor; in a condition where I was not required to think or make a decision.  I yelled up the stairs, “Can someone come and give me a cuddle and watch Masterchef with me?”  Silence.

I wandered the house to find each child in a separate cave on a separate device enthralled in their own little world of homework, Youtuber or cheap-and-stupid American comedy.

Masterchef?  Roll the eyes – Silence.

Masterchef?  “I’m doing homework.”

Masterchef?  Shake o’ the head… turn back to screen.

Okedoke then.  I’ll get back to some brainless stupor.

Half an hour later, I thought I’d have one more shot so, despite being in the same house, I texted all three of them asking them to come and keep me company… not one reply.

This Saturday morning I’ve had a nice lie in bed and am looking forward for my first day off in twenty (not normal thank Allah).

I’ll get to watch and coach some basketball today at the very least; but aside from that, I’ve resigned myself to be satisfied with some quality time with my car and my dog.


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