Easter for Some – Easter for Others

It’s Easter Saturday evening as I write; therefore, it was Easter Saturday morning this morning and Easter Sunday tomorrow.  Such wonderful logic I have.

Twelve hours ago I was sitting on the verandah at Porepunkah as I have done on many other Easter Saturdays; I have been here over Easter for as long as I can remember.

I was contemplating this gorgeous view of my pup and mum’s botanical garden and wondering if I should share it… as I tend to.

I had already been through my Facebook feed and noted many similar images shared by people holidaying in other beautiful parts of Victoria. I do love seeing them; Halls Gap, Bright, Mt. Hotham, Lakes Entrance, Mildura, Croajingalong… and I completely understand why people share them. It’s worthwhile letting your friends know when you’re in a beautiful spot; I do often of course.

But there was an image which kept invading my mind and preventing me from posting my photo this morning. It was this one, shared by main-stream media in many forums over the last month…


When I went looking for this photo which was already top of mind, I found these as well…

Of course, there’s an endless supply of such images; most of them taken after the devastating storms which hit many such camps in Jordan in early January.

So I was sitting here on the verandah in this beautiful place, unable to bring myself to share my own experience due to a feeling of… what?… guilt?

No, certainly not in my case.  More just a feeling of incredible sympathy for those in such completely different circumstances to mine.  It’s just so horrible for these hundreds of thousands of people; horrible that they’ve had to flee their home country; horrible that they are now living in such disgusting conditions; horrible that they have nowhere to go.

I tend to stay out of the politically volitile discussions where it appears to me that the only people accepted as compassionate, are those with the view that Australia should open it’s borders to everyone… apparently without question.  A ridiculous proposition in my view.  A world where the Prime Minister, the Minister for Immigration and our government generally, are seen as tiranical and inhumane because they won’t simply open the gates.  Where that numb-skull Daniel Andrews was seen as a hero for offering – on behalf of all Victorians – to pay for and care for two refugee children rather than allow them to return to Naru (or other off-shore location).  It appears even our Premier is not aware of a system already in place which manages adult and child immigrants in an ordered and considered way… where there is already  a que of equally needy people who would be really pissed if someone jumped ahead of them – after having followed the proper process.

Anyway… there I go, quite openly entering the debate I said I don’t like to enter.

I guess my point is that all of us – despite our views on various political issues – share a very similar, strong level of compassion for refugees around the world, particularly the Middle-East at present.   Imagine having to spend your Easter in the squalour of a refugee camp such as those pictured above, rather than that beautiful little piece of Victoria where you’re taking your peaceful photos.

Far-be-it for me to provided advice to stop, think and contemplate what I’m sure is very genuine compassion.  God knows, I got all upset about a bloody broken derailleur on my mountain bike this afternoon which upset my perfect little life…


Mountain Biking in Jordan




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