Karen and Stu Run Melbourne

I’m very proud of my wife.

22 November 1981 - 2hr 58min 27 seconds

22 November 1981 – 2hr 58min 27 seconds

Eighteen months ago she was doing no exercise at all and last Sunday she ran 10 kilometres with her dad in the Run Melbourne run.  Not bad.

Stuart is a long-time runner and in his prime, he ran a sub-3 hour marathon.  That is a feat which puts him in the elite category; he was 40 at the time.

On Sunday – at 73 years old – he ran across the line beside Karen in 58 minutes.  This achieved 6th spot in his category and he was probably seething that his daughter had held him back from the podium!  Karen ran her quickest 10 kay time ever and came in the top 30th percentile overall.

It was a fun day for us all; beginning with Stuart thinking he was getting old when trying to get into his running shirt which had been pinned through the front and back (I still giggle when I picture it); and Karen talking of the stress of getting a poo out before the race began (not wanting to join the real marathoners – like Stu – who just do it on the move).

I say ‘fun’, although it wasn’t seen that way initially by my three children as they were dragged out of bed; expressed most efficiently by Lucy sitting in the back seat in the first scene of this video…


For Karen and Stu I reckon it was a very special morning; running together as father and daughter and both in a state of health where they are able do so.

Here’s some grouse photos of the day too.


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