‘Empty Nesty’ type moments

I had my first Empty Nesty type conversation with Jack this weekend.

Out of the blue, he said, “Dad, I don’t think I could ever move out of home until I can afford to have unlimited internet.  I’ll probably be living with you until I’m 30!”

I said, “That’s okay mate, you can still live with us when you’re 30.”

Jack – “There’s no way I will be living with you when I’m 30. How much is unlimited internet.”

Me – “We pay about 100 bucks a month.”

Jack – “Oh that’s alright.  I thought it would be hundreds. That’s cheap.”

Me – “How much do you earn a month?”


Until this time, I had never considered the fact that Jack – nor any of my children – had ever considered the day they would not live with us. It was a sad realisation and a milestone moment.

Later that night we went out for pizza. Next to the restaurant was a bridal gown shop which, naturally, my daughter Kate was immediately attracted to. We started discussing the pros and cons of the gorgeous dresses in the window and I thought it best to end the conversation with,

“Don’t worry Kate. If I have my way you will never be getting married anyway so don’t worry about it.”

I was beaten by my twins (in jest of course, because they don’t think they’ll ever get married either!).

My son takes delight in reminding me that ‘next year’ he’ll be able to drive. 15 in December then 16 in December 2015… yeah mate, whatever. That day’ll never come either.

But shit… yes it will…

  • My son will one day move out of home (as long as he has unlimited internet).
  • My daughters will most likely get married and have to decide on a beautiful wedding dress (if a couple of boys are lucky enough to pass the test).
  • Jack will be driving ‘next year‘… God forbid (and he has my genes).
  • And Karen and I will one day be able to have a private conversation.

Like every parent; I continuously think these days will never come and then become surprised as they do.  Another reminder to make the most of every moment.

It seems like this was only yesterday…


10 August 2001 - Birth of Kate and Lucy

10 August 2001 – Birth of Kate and Lucy




6 thoughts on “‘Empty Nesty’ type moments

  1. As someone who left home at 18 (and is yet to return), I think one if the worst things parents do these days is let their kids continuously live at home until their late 20s. It’s given us a generation if people who don’t know how to look after themselves and barely know what independence is.

    • And you’re a constant example to me Natalie of one who is very independent and loves her family with all her heart. I only hope mine will feel the same as you do at your age… I’m pretty sure they will… I hope so.

  2. Hi Natalie, I left home at 17 (and am yet to return). I reckon some time in their 20s is probably a good time for kids to leave the home and its only an issue if you do everything for them and let them walk all over you.
    Good parenting should involve giving them responsibly. Cleaning the house once a week, cooking tea for the rest of the family once a week, paying board when they are working, doing the dishes each night ,taking responsibly for their actions.
    And the whole time they are doing this, they can be unconditionally loved by a Mum and Dad, who encourages them and will miss them when that do move out!

  3. an interesting read Richard – your kids are lucky to have such a thoughtful Dad – one that would entertain them living at home for anything beyond 21!!!

    • Maybe I’ll see how I feel when I get to that time Helen. My views may well have changed by then. At the moment, whenever nobody else is home, I die of boredom. That may well change!

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