Opportunity cost

Lightroom improvements-7

Gabby, Lucy and Kate at Eurobin Falls, Mt. Buffalo

The cost of not racing last weekend was well compensated by some valuable time with my girls.

My Lucy loves coming to races with me; we’ve had some precious weekends away.  She gets great company with Grandma, and the days either side of racing are full of good one-on-one time; just her and me.

This time, Kate and friend, Gabby, decided to come along for the ride.  Three days in Porepunkah with two friends for company, two lolly shops in Bright, Grandma, a fairy shop and lots of movies was too hard to resist. Alternatively, I could kid myself and say she was keen to get some quality time with me – but I won’t.

On race morning, my alarm was set for 7.30am and my rested legs were ready to hit Nail Can Hill in Albury for round two of the Vic Enduro Series.

Although the weather of the previous three days had been constant rain, I accepted the fact that I would be spending over 6 hours riding my bike in the mud.

Bright 12 hour - February

Bright 12 hour – February

Wet… cold… eyes full of grit.  But that’s one of the things I love.

At 7.25am I woke to Lucy nudging my shoulder and imploring me to get up to Kate who was throwing up violently in the toilet. I could hear her barking loudly. Immediately my mind turned to how I was going to get to my race (Hey… I’m a dad… and a cyclist, not a mum). Karen’s first thought would have been absolutely for Kate; what’s wrong with her, how long has she been at it, is she in pain, is she panicking, are Lucy and Gabby okay.

But no… I thought about how I was going to get to my race.  😉

My time-lines were already tight.  I had to be on the road before 8, fully fed and caffeinated. By 7.28am – after at least three involuntary dry-reaching episodes watching Kate – I had accepted my fate. Despite the fact that my mum would do anything for me when I was there with my kids, there was no way I could ask her to look after one – possibly three – vomiting 12 year olds. I felt that was a little bit beyond what I would ask for.

Damn.  There goes the race.  There goes the series.  But here goes the rest of a wonderful weekend with my girls. I can’t say I was disappointed to spend a day by the fire cuddling my Kate whilst many others battled the Nail Can Hill course in the cold and rain for 6 hours.  It was very comfortable.

The opportunity cost concept seems a simple one, useful when applied to making everyday decisions about how best to spend limited time or money. However, even professional economists have forgotten or had difficulty in applying it; no wonder I struggled.

What wonderful benefit though. I had one of the best weekends ever with my girls; best illustrated in a few good photos…


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