Please come back my old friend

I miss writing.

And I’m lazy.

I titled a ride on Strava the other day, “Words cannot describe how bloody good that was!

Not only did I not bother to actually describe something, I also ended the sentence with an exclamation mark.  My good friends in journalism would be very critical of me (the ones who don’t work at the Herald Sun that is).

I am embarrassed.

Of course words can describe how bloody good that was.  I just have to be bothered thinking about them; and that’s not really very hard.

Sunday to King Lake with the 6am-ers was one of those all encompassing rides. I remember reading this article by Kath Bicknell – When riding is coping – where she passionately discusses the many reasons she has for riding a bike… and boy can she write. Her piece impacted me because of the homogeneous feelings it provoked.  We ride to cope; to get fit, spend time with mates, see the country-side, get us out of bed in the morning, have fun and get from A-B. One thing I know for sure is – if I didn’t ride, I wouldn’t cope.  It’s a mind-saver for me. I do plenty of bizarre thinking (as I describe here) and the time I spend just alone with my thoughts is very important to me.

Sundays ride had it all.  When the alarm pierces the almost freezing air at 5.30am on a Winter morning of 5 degrees, riding is not the preferred first activity. The doona comes to mind… the electric blanket switch… another three hours sleep? But I have never regretted getting out of bed to go for a ride. Conversely, I nearly always regret it when I don’t if it’s contrary to my plans of the night before.

In the case of Sunday, check out what I would have missed –

– and missing this would not have been acceptable. Mates, country-side, fitness, A to B to A again, fun; this ride had it all.  It is truly a blessing to be part of such a fantastic bunch of like-minded blokes.

Like Kath, I ride to cope… if I didn’t ride, I wouldn’t cope.

And fair dinkum, there are so many more reasons to ride apart from the fact that it’s just plain great fun.


If you can be bothered, here’s the vid from Sunday as well.  If you don’t like the song – sorry… my songs always have to have some relevance and that’s for you to discover. Check out the other videos on my Vimeo channel and you’re sure to find one with a song that excites you.


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