Hands up if you love your kids?

Blog-011Well yes… I agree, it’s a pretty silly question because who wouldn’t have their hand up?!… if you’re a parent that is.

But I find, usually on holidays, that I am often overcome with the emotion of my love for the kids from time-to-time; probably because I’m relaxed, I’m spending heaps more time with them and I appreciate the value of that time to get to know them more intimately.

So I’ve wanted to put it into some words.  It’s a struggle to do so without embarrassing them because I’m always warned – in no uncertain terms – not to write things in my blog that are going to make them look silly (like this arguably). I don’t think this one will as I’ll keep the words to a minimum and preserve things in photos instead, but hey… they expect such things from me at times.

My little boy Jack is turning into a fine young man.  At nearly 14, I’m confident he is going to continue to make me proud. And my girls amaze me every day with sudden steps in maturity that constantly take me by surprise.  They are people with whom anyone would love to be friends; so Karen and I are extremely lucky to have them close for the rest of our lives.


2 thoughts on “Hands up if you love your kids?

  1. Totally! Love that you ‘say’, out loud, the things that are often thought but not usually said. Especially by a bloke!

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