I love Melbourne but… bloody hell it’s good up here!

Steggles and Will near Kin Kin

Steggles and Will near Pomona

It might seem silly but I love a particular bit of road in Tawantin just near Noosa; only when travelling east. 

It’s non-descript; just a bit of dual lane carriageway carrying me toward Noosaville; lots of traffic and buildings either side.  Nothing special at all on the face of it.

But here’s the thing…

I traverse it toward the end of nearly every ride I venture on up here.  I’ve always just had a load of fun, my legs have been smashed to bits, the boys (and Belinda); having just been chewing on the bar tape for an hour or so, are back to bantering amongst the bunch, Fozzy is usually hanging a bit of shit on me for the one time through the ride that he had the better of me… and we’re all feeling great; we’re ten minutes off the best coffee in Australia at Costa Noosa in Sunshine Beach and for that moment, everything is right with the world.  It’s a great feeling.

Hence my love of one particular non-descript bit of bitumen.

As we rolled along there the other day I said to Lindsay, “It really is the thing dreams are made of isn’t it?”  It may seem slightly over-dramatic but our exchange of SMSs leading up to this holiday – me in Melbourne and Lindsay in Ballarat – was more like the dreams of two little boys rather than the thoughts of two grown men.

But that’s how excited we get about our Noosa holiday.

Someone and me on The Range

Lindsay and me on The Range

Cyclists on The Range are like kids walking through the doors of a lolly-shop.

The Range, whilst I mention it, is the bit of road at the other end of the ride through which nearly every Noosa route begins.  It’s a lovely climb just out of town which winds its way up through lush rain-forest into the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  It’s closed to traffic so is brilliant for cyclists, and it’s part of the cycling leg of the famous Noosa Triathlon.  3 kay at 3.5% is a good way to wake the legs up early in the morning.

Between those two stretches of very important bitumen is a myriad of gorgeous hinterland roads; longish climbs, sharp pinches, lush forest, rolling shady country roads, avenues of blossom, compulsory hammer-fests and that bloody massive dog who scares the hell out of us on the Pomona-Boreen Point Road… I fair dinkum nearly fell off.

Jay and others near Kin Kin

Jay and others near Kin Kin

The best thing of course is that you don’t have to go to work after the ride.  You get coffee at Sunshine Beach, you don’t get in trouble when you get home, then you snooze on the beach or by the pool throughout the afternoon without ever having to make it look like you’re not tired.  Love it!

One week summary, 560 kays, 17.5 hours… oh, to be a pro.

  • Monday – only solo ride of the trip with a  Kin Kin-Boreen loop; 5 kays of dirt (82.7k, 2:40)
  • Tuesday – Noosa Cyclists Sunrise Loop – Corooy-Sunrise (79k, 2:25)
  • Wednesday – Sunrise reverse-Black Mtn-Pomona-Boreen – (103k, 3:10)
  • Thursday – Early Black Mtn-Boreen Hammerfest – (88k, 2:40)
  • Friday – a bit twired
  • Saturday – Early Black Mtn-Yandina-Bli Bli-Maroochy Hammerfest – (89k, 2:45)
  • Sunday – Black Mtn-Kin Kin-Boreen loop – (118k, 3:55)

There is never a day of the week in Noosa where you don’t have someone to ride with and grouse roads to ride.  Just brilliant.

Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach


2 thoughts on “I love Melbourne but… bloody hell it’s good up here!

  1. That dog got the better of me last week too. Don’t know why but when he burst out of the scrub on my right I thought I was about to be attacked by a grizzly bear. Hope that was shepherds pie in my Knicks.

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