One pineapple is nowhere near enough


(Pineapple is Australian slang for a fifty dollar note.  Unless you know that little fact, none of this will really make sense)


You would think fifty bucks would be enough to take with you on a bit of a mid-week roll. My experience of today proved that not to be the case for a number of reasons.

With two brand new 25mm Contis on the road bike this morning, I felt pretty confident I’d get through the 150+ kays I had planned; particularly the 6 Kay or so of dirt which I didn’t want to attempt on my own with my used super-light Ultremos.

But after successfully negotiating the gravel road, I had a loud and sudden blow-out whilst descending a steep section of Donna at 60 plus.


I was very happy to keep it upright for the 50 or so metres it took to stop. But that distance on rim and tyre with no tube (front wheel) completely destroyed my tyre and relative new Open Pro rim. The tyre side-wall was full of holes and the rim was ground down in spots to have almost removed the bead-hook.

There were many holes in the tyre big enough for the tube to bulge so I pulled out the funds to implement the old fix it with a note trick; only thing was, I needed 10x$5s rather than just the one pineapple I’d thrown in at home.

So 40 pounds of pressure let me safely (and slowly) descend to Cogs in Warburton where Damian had one road tyre for 55 bucks! Luckily I was able to talk him down and will re-visit Cogs at the first opportunity to give him 5 bucks and grab a coffee (which I couldn’t afford on this occasion).

I decided to take the risk with my trashed rim and continue my planned route; I was only 50 into 160k.  I took no food and planned to refuel at the Marysville Bakery… but no pineapple!

(Here’s my route) – hence my distress!

The Black Spur; although beautiful, was a haze of delirium as I struggled through it with about my fourth hunger flat this season.

So here’s the thing; take 10x5s rather than 1×50… and take a credit card.  You never know what might happen.


3 thoughts on “One pineapple is nowhere near enough

  1. I’m glad you explained about the pineapple. I thought it was the shape of the loop (Doh). Mate I travel with a $50 (for tube or cheap tyre), $20 food, $5 (slashed tyre), RACV Road Side assist (bike breakdown) and finally a credit card. Never leave home with out it (good jingle for an ad)!

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