Q: How good is the 6am-er Hurt-box?

A:  Incredible really.

I’m inspired to write something tonight about how good our 6am-er Hurt-box is.  The challenge of getting out of bed at 5.10am on a Tuesday morning will always be significant.  But it’s made that much easier when:

  • You know that within the hour your heart will be screaming and the adrenalin pumping.
  • You’ll be thinking, “I’m so glad I got out of bed!”
  • You’ll be having the time of your life whilst most of Melbourne is still sleeping.
  • You get to share a coffee with 15 or so of your best mates before all the beautiful people who frequent the joint are conscious enough to visit.
  • You arrive at work with a hard 70 kay under your belt when most of Melbourne is still bleary eyed.

There were 16 guys there this morning, all of varying abilities and there because they knew there was something in it for them even if it was simply the coffee and fellowship at the end.

There’s a place for the strong ones in the turns, a spot for jumping in and out as you feel up to it and a nice hidey-hole tucked in behind for those who wanted a cruise out of the block head-wind.  And everyone happy to be doing whatever they were doing. Okay… maybe not those off the back but they were inspired nonetheless… to NEVER let it happen again!

It was grouse this morning to have my good mate Bruce back in the bunch and fantastic to see Harrison from Bright along to polish up his road skills and fitness before we smash it out in our team of four in the Bright 24 hour next month.

Simply fantastic.  Here’s a taste…


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