The lovely taste of vanilla


As I wound on my new bar tape last night I played a little game with myself, trying to predict the exact thoughts Horny would express on seeing I had chosen a nice shade of white.

“Diesel… is that white bar tape?”
“Yes Horny.”
“Do you remember what you told me about white bar tape about a whole year ago?!”
“Yes Horny.”
“Right… just checking.”
“Yes Horny.”

Strangely enough, just ten minutes into the ride this morning that exact exchange took place.

But, but, but… that was before I bought this nice new white saddle… it has to match doesn’t it?  And it was before I read advice that you really should change your bar tape regularly anyway… so the first dropped chain or flat tyre you get, causing you to turn the white tape to black, doesn’t matter quite so much… does it?

Most of this was about my love-hate relationship with Horny rather than what I thought about white bar tape.  Actually, I quite enjoy telling him something and then changing my mind.  😉

In any case; I was very glad I renewed my tape considering the time I spent chewing on it today.  It’s been far too long since I’ve ridden on a Sunday with the 6am-ers and I knew I’d be in for a fair smash, so a nice vanilla flavour was the order of the day.  (A little more about edible bar tape here)

And what a ride!

Horny led a dozen of us on his Cirque de Cardinia ride; one where he says there’s not much climbing but where you never ride on the flat; where you end up with nearly 2000 metres of vertical by the end of the day; where your legs are constantly screaming… but not much climbing.  Far out!

Five hours later with 132 kilometres under the belt; many were struggling along the last undulations of the Highway to Hell (Burwood Highway).

This was one brilliant ride which is now a 6am-er classic; led competently by Horny himself on some of the nicest and quietest Dandenongs Roads in existence.

IMG_2929The good-old fellowship of the 6am-ers didn’t disappoint either.  One may have questioned the maturity of some members when Barney and I returned from rescuing a fellow cyclist from a distress he wasn’t in (Solo), to find multi-thousand dollar push-bikes alone in the middle of a round-a-bout and sprawled all over a parked earth-mover, but hey… all in good fun right?

Love youse blokes!

IMG_2935And the coffee and carbs at the Emerald Bakery were shared with the normal camaraderie of mates who – at the 90k mark – needed both elements desperately.

Great ride and yummy tape; albeit white.

Thanks fellas.


2 thoughts on “The lovely taste of vanilla

  1. Nice article Diesel. I thought I was the only one who felt smashed. 1400m of climbing- my bum Mr Horny. I registerd 1900m

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