Flat Hill Urban Epic – the blog, the video


Link to video in this photo or watch it below.

My mate BJ made a very significant point on this ride on Sunday saying,  “I”m still trying to grapple with the fact that I’ve come from Smiths Gully (MTB Meca in the bush) to Collingwood (Melbourne inner suburb) for an epic distance mountain bike ride!”

My mate Brett, when responding to Bruce’s statement that, “We’d better not do that other little loop or we’ll be out here forever”, summed it up when he said, “Well that wouldn’t be that bad would it?”

See; that’s the thing!  You can ride mountain bikes in Melbourne suburbs and have a ball… within 5km of the CBD infact!  And you could pretty much do it forever… still having a ball.

How good is Melbourne?  How lucky are we?

The Flat Hill Urban Epic led by Bruce Dickie last Sunday was amazing.  I’m not over-stating it.  The mountain bike community in Melbourne is a bit hard to explain fully until you’re involved.  The people are great to be with and I’ve never been on a ride that contained any angst… just company and comfort.  Sunday was one such ride and despite the fact that I ride nearly all these trails at least weekly, I had a ball on them just because of the company.  Hard to explain.

I’ve ridden Hans’s loop over 100 times but Sunday, chasing Bruce and Brett, was one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve ever had on it.  Totally in the zone.  And my discovery of some new single and a great climb continues to mix it up and keep it interesting.

Anyway… my newly acquired hobby of rigging up the GoPro and editing the subsequent footage resulted in this.  I hope you enjoy and I hope it conveys some of what I’m talking of above.


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