Blogging Block

I haven’t had much to say lately… many reasons.

  • I love riding my bike
  • I love going to work every day
  • I love sport and activities with my family

They are the three main reasons.  But also lately I’ve started to learn how to edit video with my new GoPro.  Bloody hell that soaks up the time!… until I get better at it I guess.

I’ve made a little  video of the kids in the Melbourne Tryathlon and a quick edit of Dickie’s Loop on the new Superfly which is three minutes from my office.  Gotta love that!

The 6am-ers always provide good material and I’ve done a 6am-er Sunday to Maccelsfield and a mix of Tuesday Hurt-Box stuff.  Still trying to figure out the best software.

Here they are embedded:

The Kids Try

Dickie’s Loop

A wet Maccelsfield Loop

The Tuesday morning Hurtbox


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