Dickie’s Loop – My first ever movie

Late in Summer I was really enjoying writing my blog again.  I get great satisfaction from hitting the keyboard and putting some thoughts down in black and white (or brown and cream as it would appear here).  I had thought I was on a real roll…

… but then I went back to work.  And crime in the northern suburbs of Melbourne is alive and well.  I’m as busy as ever and hesitate to say… busier than ever.   (‘Hesitate to say’ because I say it often and I can’t just always be getting busier! Can I? Surely not. In my last role I felt I was busier than ever and now I feel the same again… I think it’s just a permanent state).

Sometimes I just wish people would behave.

In any case, I got a new toy for my birthday and I’ve just started to have a good play with my Go Pro Hero 3.  It’s grouse.  And I’m very proud to say I’ve finished my first little movie; very basic but I’m happy to have figured out some of these editing tools to create a small record of Dickie’s loop.  Bruce Dickie built this trail years ago but some fairies have been in there recently firming up some berms and leveling some previously rutted trail. They’ve done a great job and it’s a real hoot.

This trail is about three minutes from my office!  No wonder I love it.  Check this out. There’ll be many more to come as I improve my cameraman and editing skills.  Just something else to play around with my time (says Karen).


3 thoughts on “Dickie’s Loop – My first ever movie

  1. Love to see the camera mounted on the fork near the hub! But would it survive? Great work on the first vid – makes me want cut some night laps right now 😀

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