Just thinkin’… In one of my favourite places on earth

Porepunkah veranda - thunder all aroundIt’s 9 a.m. and I’m sitting on the verandah in Porepunkah.   My view is a little misty; it’s cool, there is still water falling from the trees and the thunder is tremendous.  Since very early in the morning the storms have been rolling through the north east with significant fanfair.  I can’t help wondering if the associated lightening has kicked off some more fires.  Let’s hope, if it has, that those hard-working fire-fighters have been able to act quickly and get things under control.

Bright radar capture 26 Jan - 0912hrs.bmpIronically, the activity of these storms is as likely to have started a fire on Mt. Buffalo as it has at Falls Creek or Mt. Hotham.  For the sake of holiday makers, emergency services and people who want to ride their bikes… let’s hope the storms have passed with just a lot of hoo-haa and some nice cool rain over the fire-ground at Feathertop.  There’s no messages coming from the CFA at this point but I know for sure that local people have been called out overnight to respond.

Fingers crossed anyway.  A gorgeous cool day in Bright – perfect for cycling – is on the way.

Despite many people being sucked in by media reports and cancelling their accomodation, the town is buzzing.  There are bikes everywhere and the ice-cream shop last night, as always on this weekend, was more like a sardine shop if you simply take into account the crowd.  The licorice was excellent but the frozen pieces have now become responsible for my broken tooth… bloody hell – I’m getting old!

When I say sucked in by media reports I mean instances such as this…  Out the front of the community meeting in Bright two days ago, I heard a reporter interviewing a lady who lives in the township.  Her question – asked with the appropriate level of vigour and intensity – was, “And can you tell me if your house is under threat?  What are you going to do?”  I felt like jumping on myself to point out that, “We’re in Bright.  There is absolutely no fire threat here.  The lady lives in the town…” – but of course that wouldn’t have been a very good story.  The fire chief had just mentioned to all in attendance that, “There is no threat to Bright.  Life in Bright will go on as normal.”  I’m sure that wouldn’t have made the news either.

I know… I’m tainted.

So tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading out from Cyclepath in Bright with a group of riders; on a cool day with morning showers (according to the forecast) to ride one of my favourite rides on earth; Falls and return with a bonus climb up Buffalo.  I’m sure we’ll be fire-free and if we have to (just to assure those worriers out there) we’ll give plenty of latitude to the fire-trucks.

The last couple of days of north east bliss before I return to manage my own emergencies.  ; )


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