My plans for Alpine Classic Day

The Feathertop fire has put a stop to the plans expressed in my last post re the Alpine Classic.  That’s fine; that’s life in the Australian bush.

The organisers have made a decision to cancel any of the routes going south to Hotham (into the fires!) or across to Falls Creek – no fires and road open.  Mt. Buffalo is going to cop quite a bit of traffic with riders doing repetitive laps to make up their planned distances.

From what I have read the roads to Falls and the village itself will still be under absolutely no threat on Sunday.  Therefore, I’ve come up with my own riding plan for Sunday morning.

For those interested – here is my firm position on Sunday riding (Alpine Classic Day).  I will be leaving Cyclepath Bike Shop (opposite Woolworths) in Bright at 0620hrs and completing the normal 200km route of the Alpine Classic.

I know a few certainties will be joining me already but anyone is welcome to attend. WE WILL NOT BE GOING FLAT OUT. THIS WILL BE AN ENJOYABLE GROUP RIDE where we will ride together on the flat and re-group, 6am-er style, at the top of each climb (lead riders looping until all at the top) and each major descent.

Having said that… the standard of riding will be solid (6am-er and/or fit Bright Cyclist level).

Join us to Beauty and head back to Bright (80k), just come to Falls and back (140k) or come all the way (200k) and enjoy the carnage – sorry…. carnival environment – on the slopes of Buffalo with 1999 other cyclists including my son Jack. Depending on how some of us are feeling, we might even extend the 200 to take us out to Cresta – or even The Horn – before returning to Bright to jump in the river.

Bring on Sunday… see some of you at the shop.


Me with Lochy and Jack on top of Mt. Porepunkah yesterday arvo – looking toward the Feathertop fire.

14 thoughts on “My plans for Alpine Classic Day

  1. Given that emergency services have asked riders not to use these roads because of the firefighting effort, your plan is pretty selfish and irresponsible and places you and others in unnecessary danger.

    • G’day Spider. Thanks for your opinion. Happy to hear it but I completely disagree with you. The Audax Alpine Classic has been discouraged to run their event there and they’ve therefore changed the route. Nothing at all that I’ve read has sent a message from emergency services asking ‘riders’ not to use these roads. The roads are open; the fires are safe; nothing selfish about it at all. You have a good day out there.

      • You need to read more…

        It has been expressed very clearly “so rides will not be going over Tawonga Gap to Mt Beauty because that road will be required for the use of fire and emergency vehicles.”

        I for one would not be comfortable delaying emergency services by riding on roads that they use (or may need to use) during this time.

        And we wonder why cyclist get a bad wrap sometimes…


        Steno – Alpine 200km 2013 entrant

    • Grouse Joe. Hope to see you there. There should be plenty of accomodation since plenty of people cancelled thinking Bright was on fire (thanks to blown up media reports and rumour). Should be a good day.

  2. Alpine National Park near Falls Creek has been closed for adventure activities for 2 days. Reckon the authorities will let a bunch of riders in?

    • The road to Falls Creek is Open aitch. Nothing stopping anybody going up there. I understand some activities in the Alpine National Park are being discouraged and some areas are closed. That doesn’t include Falls Creek or the main road. I’m not sure why people always insist on reading so much more into the messages than is actually in the messages – but hey… maybe that’s just me.

  3. Pretty selfish of you to go out while all this stuff is going on up there.

    Emergency services is already busy as it is, the last thing they need is to have to rescue a bunch of cyclists stuck in the middle of a bushfire.

    There are many other weekends for your little ride to happen, do the right thing and let them do their job.

    • Thanks for the comment Rog. Have another look at where the bushfire is. It is absolutely nowhere near Falls Creek, Mount Beauty, Tawonga Gap or any other place where me and my mates intend to ride. Infact all of those places, including Bright and Porepunkah were taken off the watch and act listt a day ago. So there will be no chance whatsoever that anyone will be required to pull me out of a bushfire. If there was a risk… I wouldn’t be going.

      If you have an issue like Steno – Alpine 200km 2013 entrant (above) – and believe that the road needs to be clear for emergency services, then again… we’ll just have to disagree. The Tawonga Road is open – as is the road to Falls Creek. If police and fire authorities needed the roads to be closed then they have the power to close them. They’re open because there is no danger anticipated and because the public are entitled to have access to them.

      So no bushfires and open/safe roads = ride there if you want to, drive there if you want to, populate the businesses of Mt. Beauty and Falls Creek.

      My parents are driving over to Beauty tomorrow to celebrate the Australian citizenship of a number of Bright residents. They’ll probably have a coffee and cake at the bakery and provide some business to Mt. Beauty. They’ll have a safe drive and a safe visit no doubt. Should we be saying cancel the ceremony and don’t go to Beauty in case a few fire trucks have to travel the Tawonga Road? I don’t think so and I’m pretty sure you’d agree… pretty sure, maybe not??

      And Steno… your quotes still don’t make sense mate. Nor do they advise riders not to travel on those roads. It’s clearly a quote from the Alpine Classic organisers who have said, “so rides will not be going over Tawonga Gap to Mt Beauty because that road will be required for the use of fire and emergency vehicles.” Clearly the organisers have seen fit not to send their big groups across The Gap. That’s very noble of them but I have nothing to do with the organisers and nor does my group of riders or anyone who chooses to come with me. If you don’t feel comfortable mate then that’s a matter for you and I’m sure you’ll have a good day on Buffalo. If you follow this blog you’ll know it’s my favourite mountain. Wave at us as you descend and have a great day.

      • The Audax organisers had to make their call several days ago, to allow event planning. At that time it was difficult to be sure of the fire’s movement. A social group can make decisions closer to the day, when the actual situation is clear. Hope you’re having fun Rich (bet you are).

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  5. Richard,thanks for a great morning in the sadde.As a Bright local and one who has been working up at Falls for the last 3 weeks I have been most amused and displeased by some of the comments.This situation of hysterical reporting by the media seems to happen to all communities at times of disaster,not disregarding Black Saturday.For a community that relies on tourism this is always detrimental.As a rule the media does not usually report positive stories,I think we tend to give them far too much credence,Matt

    • And thanks for your company Matt. We had a great group and a great ride. Not fire… but fog and cold is what had us challenged on Falls Creek.

      I was amusing for me to be in Melbourne last week when the Hotham fire flaired up a bit again. The news in Melbourne was of pending disaster. I spoke to a couple of people in Bright during the week who had no idea the fire had even raised it’s head again. Reality and reporting are two very different things unfortunately.

      It’s a week to the day after the Alpine now and this morning I’m recovering from another brilliant cycling day in Bright after the Gravity. Life if good.

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