Summer Time and the Alpine Classic 2013

I love this time of the year. It’s so beautiful out in that country-side.

The sun is high and the shadows are stumpy.
It’s super-hot and I can ride til 8 (sometimes darling!… not very often… but occasionally… and it feels like midday).
I only need to put out a jersey and shorts and can sleep an extra 10 minutes on top of my winter alarm.
Holidays are on and the north east is prominant.
10 kay feels like 5 and Mt. Buffalo feels like Mt. Dandenong.
The Alpine Classic is just around the corner…

… only 8 days away in-fact and that excites and scares me. This image alone brings on those feelings…


This ride is the genesis of my love for cycling; a major personal challenge because of the part it’s played in my addiction.

There are so many things about it that make it special to me; the north east, Mt. Buffalo as the 35+ degree climax, the challenge of riding 4 big climbs, smashing down four big descents and hammering out the power on the flat sections… I just love it. I’ve written about my history in this event here in Personal Goals of the Past. It’s been a long and complex Alpine Classic history for me.

Alpine Classic cycling-3Since my musings of that post I’ve completed two more; one with Foggy in 2011 in an attempt to have him crack 8 hours and one out-and-out effort in 2012 to do my best effort (but really to beat the Horny-boy… goal achieved). 2012 was also Jack’s first effort at the 70km Alpine which climbs Buffalo and returns to Bright. He’s up for that again for 2013.

Last year, in my efforts to beat young Brenton, I only managed a time of 7:08; 17 minutes slower than my best. It was the first year on full gas that I had gone slower than a year before… to be expected for an old fella I guess. I was aiming to crack 7hrs but there are so many factors that can effect it, a lone ride between base of Falls and base of Buffalo is one. Factors such as this and the weather can make a difference of twenty plus minutes in this ride – so there are quite a few things which have to come together.

In any case, the 7 hour barrier which I’ve broken twice before, is still my elusive goal… one more time before I die I say! Can 2013 be the year? I hope so. I feel good, light (for me) and excited.

I’m now counting down the days to the challenge and trying to stay off the donuts. Wish me luck!


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