How’s the serenity? So much serenity.

The outlook as I write

The outlook as I write

Just like Darryl at Bonnie Doon… for me, Porepunkah makes me relax and take in the surrounds as soon as I arrive.  My mum and dad are now permanent residents, my brother’s whole family are here, lots o’ mate here, cycling and swimming is magic… I should have moved here long ago!

“How’s the serentity? So much serenity.”  Thanks for the line Darryl. It comes to mind to any Australian so easily in situations such as this but oh so appropriate.

It’s the 29th of December and I’m here on and off until Feb.  What an absolutely grouse feeling.

  • Bring on those swimming holes.
  • Bring on those mountains (ups and downs)
  • Bring on the coffee
  • Bring on the trails
  • Bring on the berry farm ice-cream, although not too much

Here we go Reads.  Enjoy every minute.



5 thoughts on “How’s the serenity? So much serenity.

  1. Just returned home after spending two too short days in Bright. Rode Buffalo, parts of the rail trail and took a trip out to Wandiligong to discover the Chinese suspension bridge and ‘the diggings’. This is a glorious part of the world and we will return in the not too distant future. Enjoy your serenity.

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