6am-ers Christmas Ride

f-010After my little spat of yesterday, I couldn’t have been happier when riding today in the Dandenongs with the 6am-ers.  It was a brilliant day with brilliant mates in brilliant country; one of those days where I got to the end thinking about how incredibly lucky I was to have such fantastic opportunities.


6am-er ‘nongs pave

Our route may initially look like a typical ‘nongs day out.  But on close inspection, those who know the ‘nongs will see that it’s full of small roads, pleasant vistas and lots of little surprises.  Big Horn designed and lead it and nobody was disappointed.  Even a little pave and a little mountain-biking was thrown in for good measure.

A few visitors and a couple of old faces took our group number to more than 30 and absolutely nobody was a stranger… nearly every face was a regular rider to Tuesdays or Sundays.  A factor going to show what a solid and committed group we are; loving the company of each other and loving our riding.

A bit of mountain biking will never disappoint me

A bit of mountain biking will never disappoint me

I was really impressed to see young Jordan Villani in the mix (16 yrs I think?).  Having started to ride only in the last few weeks, he rode admirably to get through all the climbs and tasks we threw at him.  It was a bit of a reminder to me that the next generation will slowly start to join us over the next few years.  No doubt by 2016 we’ll have a fair contingent of little 21 Tooth’s, Diesels, Lumpy’s, 2laps’s, etc.

Brenton (Big Horn) did an absolutely fantastic job of M.C. for the breakfast along with Taylo; a very funny recollection of thoughts and events over the last year.  Thanks mate for a really thorough job of reminding us of the good times we’ve had.

As Gus put it on the way back, “Riding with the 6am-ers is always a good way of putting your fitness into perspective!”  There’s no doubt after a Sunday ride you always know around where you sit in the cycling fitness continuim.  And no matter where that is; near the top or the bottom, you always get back to Burwood having known you’ve put your best effort in.

And the best bit?…  I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of a group of guys who have such a great balance of competitive riding, good fellowship, great family perspectives and trying your guts out.  Just love it!

You’ll find the best photos in my Flickr set and a few are below.

Here are some of the photos from today…


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