R.I.P. Inspector Anderson

art-353-brysonanderson-300x0I had been considering writing something light-hearted tonight when I jumped on Facebook and discovered the death of Inspector Bryson Anderson in Sydney.

The Sydney Morning Herald story is here.

Shot at with arrows, attacked by dogs then killed by an axe to the back of the head. That’s not the kind of shit we should have to deal with… yet deal with every day – albeit usually without copping an axe in the back of the head.

I rarely reveal, refer to or discuss my job on this blog (or otherwise for that matter)… that’s not what it’s for.  But tonight I find myself thinking,

“Shit!  45?… That’s me.  Inspector?… That’s me.”

My thoughts are with Inspector Anderson’s family, friends and work colleagues…

… and I hereby declare that I will spend as much time as humanly possible with my family and on my bike.


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