It’s a long time since I’ve been silly enough to hunger-flat but last night was a ripper.  I say silly enough because I’ve always thought those who allow this to happen are a little bit silly.  Hunger-flatting generally means bad planning and there’s usually no real excuse for it.

drink-b4-thirsty-mod-4-customBut this (right) is what I might have ended up like had I consumed just a few less calories yesterday.  My sudden desire to lose more weight nearly had me lost in the bush at Smiths Gully forever.

A 90k hard road ride in the morning followed by a 2 hour hard mountain bike ride in the evening requires more energy than a can of baked beans and a bowl of corn soup can provide… who would have figured?!?

What a dick!  I could hardly turn the pedals, struggled even to keep my eyes on the trail and had to get off and walk up gradients of 2% or more – seriously delirious and somewhat embarrassing.  Luckily this was all in the last few kays of a fantastic evening ride with riders who’s skills intimidate me but who always provide great company and good lessons.


25 plus headed off for a fantastic route designed by Mars – great riding!

Thanks Smiths Gully Riders for a great evening.  The two litres of OJ and Smiths Burger for dinner – although very much appreciated – would have gone down much better had it been consumed at the bottom of the MarsBen Trail about 45 minutes earlier!

Lots to say tonight but this is just a little snippet to remind myself never to let this happen again.  I hereby promise to be a little bit more sensible.

Having said that, I am desirous of losing a number of kilos heading towards my summer goals; the Alpine Classic and the Bright Gravity 12hr.  Both races will go down much better for me if I don’t have to carry unnecessary lard.

Luckily I am quite motivated at present and one thing that helps my motivation is expressing myself in this journal.  So blogasphere… be prepared.   I’m going to write again and keep myself accountable to some stuff.

107kg is not acceptable and must not be carried up all those climbs.

Read about Neil’s Smiths Gully Christmas Ride experience here… just a little different to mine – because he ATE DURING THE DAY!  He’s a sensible man… who woulda thought?


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