Way back in August was my last real post. That was the last time my head was in a place where I felt comfortable to write and share. Many things had me in another place altogether… where writing about the fun stuff – like the riding – just didn’t seem appropriate; simply not a priority.

But I miss it.  I miss expressing myself and sharing my thoughts so I’m going to kick it off again.  Not in a big way, which I had thought was necessary, but just by sharing.  For me it’s kind of like breathing; I need to do it.  It’s mostly me who appreciates it but the fact that others choose to read my thoughts and get some enjoyment out of them is a bonus – and I love the feedback.

What prompted me tonight was Jack dressing up in his new school uniform. He had initially instructed me very sternly not to post a photo on Facebook or put it on my blog.  Later on – having thought on it – he said, “Dad you can put it on your blog if you want.”  So there you go… share it I have.

What I really wanted to do was tell the world!  I was so proud seeing him on the verge of high school and so very grown up that I had trouble controlling the lump in my throat.

So having controlled my emotions I have now told the world… or anyone in the world who wants to look at least.

And not a word of cycling!… but that will come.

Diesel is back and Little Diesel is soon off to high school.  How quickly life passes us by.


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