What is it about numbers?

It’s not often I’m tempted by such things but on return from Sorrento today, I couldn’t resist.

I got home to Box Hill at about 12.30pm (as promised) with 190km on the clock.  A quick phone-call to home to check on the environment and ensure my stuff hadn’t been chucked out onto the front veranda (at least I had my Lynskey with me)…  and I was off on my quickly calculated 12km route to ensure this number…

What is it about numbers that we have to round them off to the big ones? 190km is a pretty good ride and all the strength and fitness of today was within it.  The 12k at the end was a bit of a token… just to see the number.  But it’s still satisfying.

The 6am-ers became the 5:30am-ers this morning with an early start to fit in the Peninsula return pre-lunch.

The 12 who started at the blind shop (recently a dress shop and before that a bike shop… thank God) were joined by others all the way down Warrigal Road to eventually build a bunch of 20 with about 5 clean-skins (non-6am-ers).

The ride – as always – was peppered with incidents and stories.  It was great to have a female with us for the first time in an age.  Caroline had me whimpering up Olivers way behind her and her contribution to turns was well-and-truly worthy of a nearly Olympian MTBer.  Brendon had us confused and  amused with two low speed crashes where balance became quite challenging for him.

Speaking of balance, I nearly lost mine as I tried to go slow enough for Horny to stay on my wheel on the return up Warrigal Road at about the 180km mark.  It was a bit like the 180km mark on this years Alpine Classic, although then I didn’t wait for him.  Please don’t move interstate Horny… I need a young bloke to continue to feed my 45 year old ego.

As usual for this ride, the section between Safety Beach and Mornington on the return was a hammer-fest where the two balls of muscle, Villani and Mahoney, turned us all to pulp in that often mentioned 6am-er blender.  As I returned to scoop up the very scattered bunch with Brendan, he casually mentioned, “Geeez it’s surprising how things go to pieces when you put the hammer down isn’t it?”  

“Yeah… thanks for that mate!”  Far out… it was hard.

The coffee was extremely welcome and the fellowship, as ever, was fantastic.

My first 200 since January… it’s always good to get one in.  190km would have been nowhere near as valuable.


2 thoughts on “What is it about numbers?

  1. Great story Diesel. I’m glad I was part of it 🙂 I also looked and saw I had 198.1km and thought about doing a lap around the block to make the magical 200, it was 12:15pm and I thought it was good to be home 15 mins early and make up for the many other rides I was home later than expected!

    • Just make sure you bank it Solo. Then it will make it worth it. I could – but won’t – ok… I will – bring up the oft quoted bad attitude law enforcement acronym FIDO and turn it to FIRO in this context. I could have been home twenty minutes early but in this instance went for the acronym… Fuck It – Ride On! See ya next week.

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