125… and not an easy 125 I can tell ya!

I haven’t had to drag this one out for a while…… but tonight it is mandatory.  King Lake with the 6am-ers will usually put most of us in the blender but when you’re not in the best form (me!) the route we take and the way we do it is bound to smash you to bits.

This was my view as I followed the crew up Flat Rock Road (right).  Yes… they’re waaaaaaaaaaaay up the road. I still wonder how on earth this road ever got the word ‘Flat’ in it. Might have to stop and ask a local one day.  Anyway… Bender thinks it’s flat.  ; )

I felt pretty good on the main climb up to King Lake but every time the road turned up a bit I had the reverse beepers on (I hate that KL entree too!).

It was one of those magnificent 6am-er rides today where you thank God you got out of bed in the morning.  Such a beautiful place.  Great ride and great company.

Our final smash down from Kangaroo Ground to Warrandyte was slightly more controlled than last time.    Mick Villani showed excellent responsibility when he declared to all, “Safety first!” as we rolled across the start of this 6am-er hammer road.  True to his word – and his influence on others – Bender and I were a two man team for pretty-much the entire descent… and we were taking it relatively easy too.  No need for silliness I say!… and there was a lot less testosterone there this week without MM, Hornbag and the Fogster.

I struggled over the last 20k of my ride back out to Mill Park to work the day.  125 in the bank and a bloody hard 125 at that.

Motivation to flick the switch on the chocolate, nuts and lollies.  Just not quite there yet.  ; )

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