Lucy, Jack and Mt. P

Mt. Porepunkah summit

It was always my intention to ride Mt. Porepunkah today but I certainly didn’t plan to top the summit at 7 p.m. – one of my main motivations being to take in the magnificent view on a clear blue day.

We just get so ridiculously busy up here!  Church for the girls this morning with Grandma, coffee in town (most important), busking for Jack, road ride for Lucy, mountain bike ride for Jack – it goes on and on.   So it wasn’t until 5 o’clock that I actually set off from Bright to head up to Quins Gap.

Lucy managed to push out her longest road ride ever.  Very proud of herself after 18 ks from home out to Wandi and back…

Proud as punch!0))

Then Jack and I skated through one lap of the Rotary Pines before realising our tyres probably wouldn’t cope with another one!  Plenty of other trails to explore luckily.

Karen and Kate satisfied themselves with a bit of shopping and a visit to the lolly shop.  It’s amazing how different in personality my identical twins can be.  A bike ride would not even enter Kate’s mind!

So I rode through the dusk and into the night.  Another clear starry night and therefore another extremely cold one.  The roads on the mountain, despite all dirt, were frosty and slippery and it took all my concentration to maintain the best traction.

Still some snow up top

Plenty of wallabies, wombats and deer were surprised to see me bearing down on them at times.  I’ve never seen deer up here in the wild in the past but tonight I saw three (apparently they’re all over the place at the moment).  One even ran along beside me for a few hundred meters without seeming too distressed by the experience.  The wallabies scared the bejeebers out of me and the wombats were lucky (or I was) not to cop me up their very substantial butts (I’ve hit one on a motorbike once and I have no desire to do it again).

I got quite lost (twice!!) on my final descent back into Punkah and was grateful I had made frequent phone-calls to mum to let her know my intentions.  After recent events, I have no desire to be lying injured in the cold without being able to call for help.

Once home safe and well, I contemplated again how lucky I was to have the opportunities I do in the beautiful north east.  I just love every minute of it.

 Three rides – Mt. Porepunkah finale!


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