Hitting the road again… but not literally

To think I could have missed this!  Flat Rock Road, Hurstbridge

It was the consummate winter day in Melbourne for most of today.  A top temperature of 9 degrees, drizzle verging on rain, wind, busy and dangerous roads.  When sitting at Mill Park observing this, I really didn’t think today would be my day for getting back on the bike again.

But come late afternoon the weather (and the radar) cleared and I called on my very limited motivational stores to get back on the bike.

To think I could have missed this!  After my second big crash in as many months I managed to drag myself up off my very substantial arse and get it back on the bike.  108kg made the many climbs out north a fair challenge – each one reminding me of why I need to make chocolate, lollies and nuts my enemy.

Nothing like these hills to get started on.


2 thoughts on “Hitting the road again… but not literally

  1. Hi Diesel,

    If you got on the bike today in the wet and cold then you can’t say you are lacking motivation. I reckon you need a medal for going out in today’s weather because that is a gutsy effort considering the accident you had the other week.

    See you soon on a ride 🙂



  2. It got pretty good later on Solo. As long as it’s not too wet I’m happy. It was still super-cold though… and those holes in all my gear from lycra left on Warrandyte Road didn’t help! It was one of those rides where I just didn’t want to go, but once I got out there I was happy as a you know what. I need to build it back up to 6am-er standard otherwise there’s no point coming out with you guys on a Sunday.

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