Strava Madness?

I read with interest Wade’s Cycling Tips post today on a lawsuit involving Strava in the US.

I’m well aware of the debate around the danger of Strava downhill segments – or any segments for that matter.  In the past, I’ve been a critic of those chasing high positions on the descent leader boards… usually when it relates to concern for my mates.  Hypocritical I know, when I encourage (arguably) such behaviour with my own posts such as this one;

Oh, how I love this mountain (Mt. Buffalo)

When it comes to my story of two days ago I must defend myself to some extent by saying that we would have been there doing what we were doing in the same circumstances whether Strava existed or not.  After all… we’ve been smashing down that road as fast as we can for the last 10+ years.

What we do is dangerous and yes – there are risks.  For me it’s the same consideration as motorcycling in Tasmania, hangliding off Mt. Buffalo, riding mountain bike trails as fast as I can and all the other arguably mad activities I’ve taken part in and enjoyed throughout my life.

I guess the difference for me (from this story on Wade’s blog) is that I accept that the only person responsible for my very sore butt after Sunday is me.  Too many bikes in a confined space going far too fast.

Stupid, stupid, stupid me.

Boys will be boys and risks we will take (Strava aside).  I make that very conscious decision whenever I get on a mountain bike, road bike or motor cycle.  And I choose to have the fun.


2 thoughts on “Strava Madness?

  1. Too true Diesel. We all do this stuff because WE enjoy it, not because some website allows me to track my progress, or lack thereof. Don’t forget Girls will be Girls too, plenty of those of us enjoying the descents are female as well. In the end, we all just need to accept the risks of what we do ourselves.
    Oh and I hope you heal quickly mate 🙂

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