Mad Mike… capturing the moment – another perspective

Some of the 6am-er banter today – following yesterdays fantastic ride and spectacular crash – has had me laughing.  Nobody captured the moment better and made me laugh more than Mad Mike Shaw, named for his particularly good descending and bike-handling skills.  Enjoy this virtually unedited version…


By Mad Mike (reprinted with his permission)

 “Yeah why did you have to stack diesel!    I have said to myself many times Don’t let Readies wheel go at the start of the sprint fest from k/roo ground!

Countless times i have been caught napping only to see you sprint away and then buried myself to get back on and have nothing for the sprint to the bridge.  
So…..  Finally I was clipped in and pumped when you went flying past atop of the k/roo ground hill. Bang! Finally I’m on your wheel 183bpm 2 over my max but happy I’m there as I look back and chuckle at the rest clipping in, eating bar tape and cursing you!
With my form at the moment I decided to just hang on as I was at my limit just being there. When foggy went past and got a gap I chuckled again knowing with due respect, been there done that and blown up! ….  So sit-in mick and stay calm.  Mmmm 180bpm now and still in the slip stream…What the?
Ok here comes the sprint there goes horny and I’m glued to his wheel, next I hear cam…..argh then that horrible sound.. I asked horny what happened? Shit I think Cams gone down! .. Turned around to find the big fella’s arse a litle slimmer, leaving half of it on the ground!
Its rides like that, (minus the stack of course ) that gives me incentive to
  • Keep getting up at 530 am sundays, 
  • Drink less alchohol
  • Go home early from functions on a Saturday night when everyone else is ready to party on
  • Take my bike away with me when working interstate instead of just relaxing and fishing!
  • Etc etc.
Oh how I love cycling and yes Taylo if that were true about fatigue I think I would stack every 6amer ride!!!
Get better soon Diesel we have a date with that segment!”

That segment!


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