Just in case you thought you were invicible…

Boys being boys?  Boys being dick heads?  Diesel being a dick head?

All valid options for my behaviour of today and it’s consequences.

My right butt cheek!

Once again I sit on the couch (on one butt cheek) feeling very sore and sorry for myself. I’ve had another very harsh reminder of how vulnerable we are – and for a fleeting moment, whilst lying in hospital this arvo, I actually considered giving up riding.

Just fleeting.   ; )

I came off the road bike at 65+ kilometres per hour today.  I didn’t hit anything (apart from bitumen) – so I didn’t break any bones.  I didn’t bring anyone else down with me – so I take comfort in that.   But, unlike me, I’ve done all the what if thinking today.

  • What if I’d brought Cam down with me?  (it was Cam’s wheel I hit from behind which brought me down… my fault)
  • What if there was a car coming the other way?  (at the end of my lengthy slide I was lying in the path of oncoming traffic)
  • What if I’d done the sensible thing and backed off rather than maintained speed and pressure?  (we were at the end of 5.5ks of adrenalin)

There isn’t much point in this kind of thinking really, but I thought a little bit of contemplation was worthwhile.  Through my wife this arvo, my father-in-law (for whom I have great respect) passed onto me the strong reminder that I am not invincible.

Well I do know that.  I do know the risks I take on the motorbike and the pushbikes… and I choose to take them.  But I have to admit that a kilometre before my crash today I was feeling pretty invincible.  Dick head.  It’s amazing what adrenalin can do.  Oh yeah… and there was one other thing –

The Strave segment for this particular section of road is dominated by 6am-ers.  Eleven of the top thirteen positions are held by 6am-ers and we want to keep it that way.  This run from Kangaroo Ground to Warrandyte is  a staple 6am-er hammer and we’ve always done it fast. With Shawie and I sitting at second and third there’s always going to be a bit of pressure there to give it to Marty McFly (#1) .  I don’t deny that was my goal today.

But regardless… we have always done it fast and that last section of two ks before the bottom is full-on and flying.  It’s just that today we got just a little tangled up.  Woops!  And this was part of the result for me…

Yep… it’s as sore as it looks and this is less than half of it!

I’m just very grateful that I have such good mates who were so prepared to look after me – thanks fellas.  I’m very glad on this occasion that I didn’t keep riding.  That would definitely have been the wrong move.  I’ve had doctors and nurses pretty amazed that, considering the grazing area, I didn’t break anything but as I mentioned above, that’s just ’cause I didn’t hit anything hard.  That would have been a whole different story.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to sleep tonight but I’d better go and give it a shot.

Be careful out there and keep the rubber side down.

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11 thoughts on “Just in case you thought you were invicible…

    • No way mate. Another race down the drain and spewin’.

      Will definitely not be up for 6hrs solo Sunday. Very disappointed. Now going for the third in the series.

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