6am-er Sunday… it’s been a while

Jeff Shaw and Michael Villani – main drag, Gembrook

I’ve spent the latter half of my Sunday relaxing with that 6am-er feeling in my legs.  With the Mt. Burnett/Gembrook loop under the belt, many could not be blamed for sleeping off the rest of their day.

I was challenged by Taylo this morning as to when my last 6am-er Sunday was.  We got chatting and wondered if it was even Christmas time last year.  How incredibly disgraceful!

Well it’s not quite that bad.  For the record:

  • 18/03 – King Lake
  • 22/01 – Gembrook

Still, three 6am-er Sundays to 10 June is a pathetic record and I hereby beg for forgiveness.  I blame holidays, injuries and the odd calisthenics “priority” engagement for my sins.

This mornings ride reminded me of what I have been missing out on.  Brilliant riding and magnificent company.  All on two wheels… “good for the soul” says my Alpine Cycling Club president.  How could I possibly disagree.

Thanks guys for providing such a grouse Sunday morning.  I love youse all.

(Here’s today’s route – 115km with over 1600m of climbing)

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2 thoughts on “6am-er Sunday… it’s been a while

    • Thanks mate. Those 5%ers make me look good! Any more and the reversing beeper definitely gets started.

      Looking forward to being a bit more regular for the remainder of the year!

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