What a wonderful place to think

Music is the language of us all (The Cat Empire – How to explain)

Today – on this route –  I had one of those days on the bike where I just wanted to keep on riding and thinking… riding – thinking – riding – thinking.

I arrived home long after dark and after 95 ks of nothing flat, I still felt like rolling on.  Hills which normally seem to go forever were over in a flash, and towns and suburbs were rolling by before I even realised I was there.  Totally in the zone.

And my mind?!?… sometimes I just want it to shut up but luckily most of it was… is… constructive.

Like as I rode Mt. P (Mt. Pleasant Road, Eltham) to The Cat Empire resonating with Fishies ringin’ in my ears.  Harry’s magnificent trumpet riff had me dreaming about the band I would put together with my kids… how silly!  But Lucy and I were chatting the other day about her learning the trumpet when she gets into year 7.  The flute – which she’s become quite competent at – is just a little quiet for such a rowdy girl.  When I suggested I pull my old trumpet out and we learn together she was quite on board.  Imagine that!  “The Reads”… Richard and Lucy on trumpet, Jack on the saxaphone/s (any number of them) and Kate on clarinet.  That would be grouse… although I’m not quite sure what Karen could do but we’ll sort something – maybe manager.  She’s definitely not singing.

I’m still having dreams of being able to play like Harry does in his trumpet solo in How to Explain (you have to listen to the start of this!). Unreal.  Music is the language of us all.

I hit Research-Warrandyte Road in the pitch black with Queens’ Don’t Stop me Now screaming in my ears.  That’s always a ripper to get my legs going when they feel a bit tired.  Don’t stop me now… I’m havin’ such a good time.  My precision riding as I crossed the main road out of Mt. Pleasant Road was something to behold.  I’m not sure the cars realised what it was as I flew out from the bush of Mt. P.

The new Helix is a winner.  Like the R230, it’s as compfy as a lounge chair, but when my (presently far too heavy) 104kg frame gets out of the saddle and asks it to go – it’s as stiff as they come.  Noticibly stiffer and more solid than the 230.  I’m very happy with it and really really hope that I don’t break this one.  Hmmm???…  As I mentioned to Andy when leaving the shop with my new frame under my arm and with his assurance of it’s strength ringing in my ears, “… you reckon Andy?  I reckon I can pretty much break anything!”  We’ll see.

Anyway… quite appropriately – as I screamed down one of the Research Road roller-coasters at over 80 (on the solid-as-a-rock Helix), Spider Bait’s rendition of Black Betty was permeating my brain (you gotta have a listen and you’ll understand why I wanted to go so fast!).  As I screamed past Floods Road I remembered the time I crashed there and ended up limping home with bruised ribs that cursed me for a few weeks.  Ouch.  Not so bad as in the bush the other week though.  Still have to get that EPURB.

This particular roller tips back up so quickly that I was soon down to under 10 kph as I dragged my lard up the other side.  Fun. and their execution of Be Calm had me thinking about a song I’d heard twenty minutes before where Days Like These (Cat Empire) was reminding me that I’ve done all those dumb things.  Gotta get that EPURB.

I will fix this! ; )

The steep climb reminded me that I had more than a ream of paper in my backpack which wasn’t assisting on the 10 percent gradient.  I’d had those documents on my back the whole day (literally and figuratively), reading and considering them through the three different offices I’d visited.  Rather a good motivator… because the paper contained evidence on a couple of crooks I wanted to stitch up so badly that it gave me at least another 10 watts in power per leg.   How will I do so?  I will find a way.

Across the top of the ridge and Fun. started with We Are So Young.  Well – sadly?…

Anyway… this weekend I get to spend the majority of it just with my son.  How lucky.  What to do?  Maybe The Avengers on Saturday night (p.s. silly me thought it was a kids movie – how wrong).  But I have to make the most of this opportunity whilst he’s still up for a movie with his dad and a cuddle if I want one.

As I screamed down the last of the Research-Warrandyte Road roller-coasters; you know the one coming down onto a dead-stop at Warrandyte Road!?… Freddy Mercury was asking Who Wants to Live Forever?.  I yelled out, ‘ME PLEASE’ as I did a bit more precision riding out onto the Main drag and into the Warrandyte Road round-a-bout.  It’s always best to keep up the momentum there I find.

I love my ride up Melbourne Hill Road out of Warrandyte.  The gradient goes well with me and the environment goes well with Ian Moss and a more calming Bow River. I guess it was time to start calming down a little anyway since I only had 10 k to go.

Then Freddy had me thinking about how lucky I was and how lucky I am.  Funny how a band like Queen – who were such an evil thing for me to listen to when I was young… according to my church… go figure?- sang songs with such sensible and contemplative lyrics.  Fair dinkum – These are the Days of Our Lives

Sometime I get to feelin’ – I was back in the old days – long ago… – When we were kids, when we were young – Things seemed so perfect you know – The days were endless, we were crazy, we were young – The sun was always shining, we just lived for fun – Those were the days of our lives – The bad things in life were so few…

Well luckily Freddy, nothing too much has changed.  These are the days of our lives and sometimes we want them to last forever.

I do anyway.

What a wonderful place to think.


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