Time to post?!?… I haven’t had time to scratch my arse!

Just when I had undertaken to myself to write and post more often, my work made it impossible to post at all… or scratch my arse for that matter.

Many of my friends say that my level of ‘busy-ness’ at work has a direct relationship to my level of interaction on social media, 6am-ers banter and general social contact.  They have a fair point.  ‘Sad‘, some may say… those who see such interactions as trivial and unnecessary.  But I value it.  I like writing and I like my social life – whether it be face-to-face or electronic.  It’s all good on balance and I haven’t had time for any of it.

Having said that, I have had time to build two new bikes this last weekend.  One for Jack…

On-One Inbred – 1×9 – 26″ – Nobby Nick equipped. He’s going to love it.

– and one for me…

The Helix

That has made it necessary to add detail to My Toys page, both in additions to collections and destructions – as is my want.  Check out the subtle bling of this Helix (portrait shot on My Toys page). Grouse.

Both have had some fair use already.  No doubt more to follow as my son slowly – then quickly – catches up to my level of fitness and eventually smashes me to bits.

Now there’s motivation for me to get back some fitness and out of the slump my accident brought me.


4 thoughts on “Time to post?!?… I haven’t had time to scratch my arse!

  1. Ah you bastard you got an upgrade to a Helix, nice…
    Hopefully I’ll be out soon & we can catch up while hanging out the back of the 6am-ers posse!!!

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