Teenager? High School?

Teenager?  High School?

Two things I thought I would never arrive at in association with my own children.  Yet here we are!

  • I’m 45 years old and have three children
  • I’ve lived at the same address for 17 years
  • I’ve been married for 21 and in the same job for 27
  • My son is nearly 13, is growing big and getting hairy.  He’s starting to take a semi-interest in girls (or at least knows something is going on there) and will be in year 7 next year.

Shit! How did that happen?

When Jack had to decide between a number of fantasy occupations for homework tonight; police chief, prime minister, city mayor, CEO or poet loriet – he chose the poet.  He’s a complex and beautiful boy!  He wants to express his emotions and affect the way other people are feeling – apparently, he says.  Maybe that’s why he’s so good on the sax?  Oh how I love him.

Tintern Farm – East Ringwood

We’re glad to have decided on a school for him next year… finally.  He was clever enough to gain an academic and music scholarship for Tintern.  My life-long argument for public schools is therefore over and my lovely wife has won the battle.   ; )

Now for my gorgeous girls?


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