Life is busy. Life is good.

Ridge Road, Kangaroo Ground

A good measure of my busy-ness is whether or not I find the time to write stuff down.

When I have weeks like recent ones my social media presence diminishes to nothing and my blog updates go from 6 per month down to 3.  My 6am-er mates wonder if I’m still alive and all my other mates and acquaintances in the Melborune cycling community might from time-to-time think, “Geeez, I haven’t heard from Readie for a while… where the hell is he?”

Then I come over them on Beach Road one day or they come up to me on the 1 and 20 and it’s, “How the $%^# are ya?”…  and life and cycling goes on.  Or alternatively, I find some time to key out some words and they realise I’m alive because the world wide web tells them so.

In my work life, I’ve recently made a return to the streets of my younger years.  The beat I walked and drove as a fresh faced constable  when I was only slightly older than a kid.  Oh how I had a ball in those days!… catching crooks, driving fast cars, living on the adrenalin of emergencies, enforcing the law and generally (and hopefully) helping people.  Nothing much has changed – except now I’m a boss, doing a job I never would have dreamed of back in those days.  “Chief of detectives!”…  ; )   – ha, what a hoot!  I love my job.

So – remembering some old procedures, learning some new ones, establishing relationships, helping to catch the occasional crook, driving the beat, enforcing the law and generally (and hopefully) helping people.

Nothing much has changed.

Buts it’s definitely required most of my time over the last four weeks… and I’m still having a ball.

Crankin' it down King Lake with the 6am-ers (Foggy and Gus)

Despite my busy-ness, I’ve still managed to get some time on the bike.  I’ve actually had the chance to ride some really good stuff because of my work.  There are some pretty good advantages to not working in the city.  I’ve soaked up many hours on the Anthem and the On-One in Smiths Gully and Kangaroo Ground (above-top), reacquainted myself with the trails of Lysterfield (which are unreal with some money spent), introduced myself to some of the best trails I’ve ridden (again – at Lysterfied), spent some time with Hans and smashed out some faster ks on the temp steal road bike around the northern climbs… and with the 6am-ers.

Tomorrow’s outing to the Duael 6 hour will test the fitness though.  Some snappy fast laps swapping off with Matt are going to sort us both out pretty quickly.  And I can’t wait.

Life is good.

Top of One Hill Reserve - a fave!

Smithy looking as strong as ever - returning from King Lake


2 thoughts on “Life is busy. Life is good.

  1. Great to hear you’re still truckin’ big guy. You’re named Diesel for a reason.

    I’m in a similar boat: work and family can sometimes become such an overwhelming force that our other great love, cycling, just has to take a back seat. Hanging for the time things settle down.

    • I reckon it’s funny how our training routine adjusts over the years in a virtual linear relationship to our children’s routine! It’s certainly a pretty good time for us now mate – you’re lagging behind just that little bit more!

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