Try-athlons, solo trails and chillin’ in the bush

We hadn’t got half-way through the day today when Jack exclaimed, “Dad that was the best day I’ve ever had!” 

There’s a very distinct feeling of satisfaction when you hear that from your 12 year old son.  It gives you some comfort in the knowledge that you’re doing an okay job.  He’s said it a few times now – and that too enforces the fact that he loves life… and those best days are just getting better and better.  Grouse!

Our day started super early… infact, it started last night with the checklist above; there to ensure nothing was forgotten for Jack’s third St. Kilda Try-athlon.  He’s super-organised this boy and we’ve been lucky that every year has been like this…

… a little chill in the air and a gorgeous sunny autumn morning on St. Kilda Beach.  Lucky, because it would be mayhem if it rained with 2000+ kids trying to get around this course safely.  They do a great job getting this many kids organised.

First time on his new road bike - and loving it!

There’s no doubt Jack absolutely loves this event.  He gets a buzz out of the competition (even though there are absolutely no results and you wouldn’t have a clue where you come in the scheme of things) and gets to do three of his favourite things.  “Top day dad” – and there was still the mountain biking and the chillin’ in the bush at the other Reads to come.

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For me there was 3 hours of solo at Smiths Gully today.  An absolutely gorgeous ride… with only a porcupine for company.


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