Loving the new job and the old hurt

I am totally loving my new job.  I guess that’s easy to say after only two days!  But it’s grouse and as usual with me, it’s keeping me awake at night thinking about all the things I want to do and get involved in – that’s if I can even keep up with the work-load which is already proving challenging.

I feel very lucky having a job I love so much.  After 26 years I love going to work every day and I love the challenges of a new role; new job; new location.  Northcote is where I’ll be and it’s great.  About two kays from the Yarra Trails with a heap of options for different routes either direction.  The road riding will be good too.  A very quick direct route if I ever need to do it – but more importantly, it’s not far from Banyule… and Banyule is the start of the good stuff.  I’m really looking forward to it.

My 9 o’clock start at Diamond Creek this morning had me scheming of ways to fit the Hurt Box in.  I figured I could get there in plenty of time if I didn’t stop for coffee.  As it turned out – I only just made it.

But oh how good it was to get back to the 6am-er Hurt Box.  It was a large and vibrant bunch…

There were at least 10 6am-ers there as well as two of Crash’s mates, Tom and Mat.  Mat’s off to the Three Peaks this weekend (I assume Tom is too).  Good luck guys – let’s hope for good weather (not likely for this ride on past history).

I’m glad these twins were on different bikes this morning!  I’ve never seen Pete riding as well as he did today.  He rolled many, many turns so it was important to know which one’s wheel you were supposed to be on!

I was disappointed not to stop for coffee but as it turned out, I had to turn myself inside out to get the big geared bike home in time to make it out to Diamond Creek.  Made it with 5 to spare!  Laughin’.  It’ll be much easier when I just need to get to Northcote.

Very happy with my form for my first hard group ride back.  Didn’t miss a turn and felt strong all the way.  Bring it on; Wombat, Emerg Games, Forest all on the near horizon.

Great job.  Great ride.  Glad to be back.



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