Time to stop being a wombat

My Strava graph pretty much says it all at the moment.  November, December, January all looking good with 14hrs or 400 ks+ per week (MTB and Road).  February?  Hmm… not much there – maybe 50k per week or a couple of hours!

I’m struggling to find the time to train at the moment – but also the motivation.  It was definitely time for a rest anyway but that needs to end now.

It was fantastic this week to have my work leadership program based at Cameray Waters in Woodend.  The centre is the start/finish line for the Wombat 100 and sits about 50 metres from the main Wombat State Forest single track loop.

There was no way I was going there without my bike and I managed to get out both nights before dinner for a 20 or so kilometre loop through virtually all single track.

This is absolutely gorgeous trail and it was a pleasure to have this opportunity.  I’m glad I took it and didn’t just head off to my room at the end of very mentally exhausting days.

So this is the start of my new wave of motivation.  Back into it this week with the Emergency Services Games and the Wombat 100 in my sights over the next month.

Richard at the moment

Excellent single track and good fun in the very wet!


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