Where oh where has my 17 minutes gone (take 2 at the Odyssey)

I am officially and unashamedly exhausted.

It’s not often I’ll admit it – but I’m so tired that if I had to race again next weekend I’d probably throw a bit of a wobbly.

Maybe I am getting too old for this stuff!?  Four weekends in five away from home and three massive races within that time… as well as a quick lap around Tassie on the FZ1.

I guess spreading it all out a bit might have been a good idea?!

In any case, an Alpine, a Gravity and an Odyssey are done and dusted for another year and each one was a pleasure in it’s own right.  All of them are brilliant races.

However, only two rides within two weeks leading up to a race like the Odyssey is a fair clue that you might not go as well as if you were better prepared.  My lack of fitness and extra weight put me way down the field on the first climb and the whole day was a struggle from there… physically and psychologically.

Thank God that after the first transition a fellow rider indicated that we were on track to crack 6 hours.  I couldn’t believe it and had pretty much resigned to sitting up and cruising to enjoy by that stage.  He put a second wind into me and gave me the psychological will to dig deeper in an effort to ride a respectable time.

In the end I was very happy to ride this race in 6 hours 9 minutes.  17 minutes slower than my PB in 2010.  What is it about 17 minutes this year?!?  (5:52 is my Odyssey PB)

I’m not sure on positions yet but I’m sure I will have done much worse than 9th in category and 75th overall – my previous best.

I was slightly disappointed with my performance but super-glad to finish in a respectable time.  Thanks to Vlad and the boys at Cycleworks for providing me with the gear and a super-efficient bike (it went like a dream) to get it done.

The big ‘Diesel – Cycleworks’ back-side couldn’t be missed by all those passing and passed.

Now for just a little bit of rest before the big Wombat and some winter road racing.


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