The numbers on my mind… 6:52

After a little Strava analysis tonight I realised I’ve ridden the last 23 days in a row!  Shit.  I’m enjoying it so much I really didn’t realise.  Admittedly, one or two of them were slightly easier days but still – they were certainly not rest days.  Some might say that’s quite silly and I agree.  It probably is… but at least I’ve decided to have a good solid two days of rest prior to the 6am-er hit-out this Sunday.

I’m pretty focussed on those numbers though; 6 hours and 52 minutes.  My personal best in the Alpine Classic 200km.  It’s the time I hope to beat Sunday week and I’m feeling pretty good but who knows?  So many things need to come together on the day but I’m certainly not disappointed in my preparation to date.

I had an absolutely lovely ride home tonight with BJ and Jim. 55 kilometres of very solid mountain biking with a couple of very fit riders.  Great k’s to have in the bank.

But I’m tired.  The legs won’t shut-up and I need a good snooze and some decent food.

If not for this one little mishap, this ride would have been perfect.  BJ was attacked by an Agapanthus on a fast downhill section and it took out his bars.  Ouch… plenty of gravel to pick out in the shower.

No it's not beautiful - it's a vicious little weed!

Nothing too serious luckily and still able to enjoy the rest of the ride.  Can’t say the same for peeling the bloody knicks off and washing the gravel out of the arm after two hours of dusty scab development.  Bring out the Melolin and Betadine BJ; all mountain bikers should have a fully stocked cupboard.

A great ride with these guys which I’m sure I will regularly repeat.  It works well when you all work in the city and live within a square kilometre of each other.  More great Alpine prep.


Since 1 January 2010 I’ve ridden 1060 kilometres (300 MTB/760 road), spent 47 hours and 50 minutes on the bike and climbed 19,714 metres.  No wonder I’m tired but I’m thinkin’ about the number!…



2 thoughts on “The numbers on my mind… 6:52

  1. Barring mechanicals you’ll do it mate. Will be thinking of you when I’m just trying to finish the 130 this year. (inspirational stuff)
    Look forward to a beer afterwards!

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