Hang on a tick, hold it a minute, standby a sec… It does?! – 9/1/12

It says something about cycling in Bright when today was only my second ride in nearly three weeks where I was riding alone (and I’ve ridden every day).  Whether it be mountain or road, there’s nearly always someone to head out with.

But today I headed off for a Gaps Loop alone.  I miss that self-time anyway; time with just me to contemplate life and stuff.  It’s a wonderful place to think.

As I headed down the Great Alpine Road at 3pm, the traffic caused me to jump on the rail trail and I didn’t regret it.  It was a highway to myself…

(Rail trail between Porepunkah and Myrtleford)

Twenty kilometres of these views and this weather along to the town of Ovens had me thinking that it simply doesn’t get better than this.  But hang on a tick… I turn onto the Happy Valley Road and was met with this…

(Happy Valley Road - near Rosewhite)

Magnificent views back to Buffalo and up across Rosewhite and Kancoona.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  But hold it a minute… I later turned up the Kiewa Valley Highway and onto the Redbank-Mongans Road and was met with this…

(Redbank Mongans Road, Redbank)

… this…

(Looking to Tawonga Gap from Coral Bank)

… and this…

(Mt. Bogong from the Kiewa Valley Highway)

So I think again; OK that was good but it doesn’t get much better than this… apart from this …   : (

(The old Bogong Hotel - completely destroyed by fire about a month ago - very sad, lots of history and great hangliding comps!)

But standby a minute…  as I climb over Tawonga Gap I get this…

(Mt. Bogong from Sullivans Lookout on Tawonga Gap Road)

And as I descend I am again met with what I now call – That View

(Mt. Buffalo from the Tawonga Gap Road with the photo never doing it justice!)

So it does get better than this, whatever this is.  Around every corner and over every hill there’s a new view, a new experience and something else to see.

This is truly one of the most rewarding rides in the world.  And I don’t say that lightly.  I mean – “in the world”.

I had a go at my mum and dad the other day because they had a visitor from Versailles in France and immediately concluded that Porepunkah could never match it’s beauty.  You’re kidding me aren’t you?!?

This is not Versailles and it’s not the Himalaya – but it easily equals both in beauty and uniqueness.  How lucky their visitor was to experience the north-east of Victoria.  She’s now amongst a relatively small number of people in the world to have done so… lucky girl.

(Maltesers, Mint choc chip and Blood Orange)

Plus – Versailles doesn’t have a French ice-cream shop called Le Blanche and after 110k and two significant climbs I still had one more challenge; to knock off a tripple scoop waffle cone before heading home.

Never assume it doesn’t get any better than this.  You’ll just go over another hill or around another bend and be blown away.

Bloody grouse place!

7 thoughts on “Hang on a tick, hold it a minute, standby a sec… It does?! – 9/1/12

  1. Couldn’t agree more mate. Tawonga was beautiful this morning as was Hotham yesterday. Gold! Looking forward to Mt bike racing tonight.

  2. As a former Myrtleford resident and a world traveller I have to say I agree with your opinion that the NE Region is one of the most beautiful in the world, and a great biking destination. More ride photos please.

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