And you wonder why we don’t bother going anywhere else?! – 4/1/12

In about 2005, Russell Richardson (a friend from Bright) told me about his regular Snowy Creek trips with the kids where he would stop the car and camp 4km from the summit of Feathertop on a northern spur.  Ever since, I’ve been talking about getting the kids up there.

This year with a little encouragement from an old mate, we achieved.

This is Karen, getting ready en route, for her big tough four-wheel-driving day in the bush (right)…

Now… Karen and I have climbed Feathertop at least 10 times, we’ve conquered Bogong from all directions, crossed the High Plains numerous times, smashed up and down Diamantina Spur, trekked for weeks in Nepal and gone without showers for at least 5 days countless times.

So what is it that now requires make-up to be applied in our air-conditioned 4WD as we embark on a four hour motorised trek from home to a nearby mountain?  Go figure?!

But oh how beautiful it was!…

Cresswells, Richardsons (not the Russell Richardsons) and Reads - Northern Spur off Feathertop

My river crossings and treks along alpine ridges have been far too few-and-far-between.

The Richardsons crossing Snowy Creek in their super-tough Outlander!

Jack and Lochy on the Snowy Creek Ridge Road - Magnificent!

We had a lovely picnic lunch atop the ridge and walked half-way across to the mountain, declaring we would be back this year (minus a couple of kids) to climb to the summit of that beautiful mountain.

A swim to wash the dust off was mandatory on our return and Lucy didn’t waste any time practicing a pose she had recently discovered (right).  Our river times have been frequent and we’re up to at least five different waterholes, five floats down the river to Porepunkah and five sets on the waterslide (Note:  Jack has successfully manipulated Karen’s assent to jump the infamous 7 metre Chinaman’s Bend cliff numerous times).

In my opinion, his sense of adventure is just at the right level.     ; )

As usual, the cycling is unbelievable and, more than ever, I’ve enjoyed being on the bike with Jack.  He’s becoming quite competent and at a stage where I am already forseeing the day he will ride off my wheel.

We achieved Jack’s third Buffalo ascent yesterday.  Once in the snow, once in the heat and this time in the pouring rain.

Eurobin Creek (1/3 there)

Mackeys (half way)

McKinnons (just about made it)

The Gap (the top)

A very proud boy was a very miserable one on our freezing cold descent but one thing I can say, he has definitely conquered this one.  It’s now only a matter of putting himself in the hurt-box and slowly bringing down his time.  Oh… and Hotham here we come!

The Wednesday dirt criterium race gave us something to blow the cob-webs out on a nice mild 37 degree evening.

Start line of the mens race (14 starters including Richard and Jonah Read, as well as Matt and Shaun who are friends from Melbourne)

This is how Jonah finished up. "If not for the nail - what could have been" ??

This little race was rather explosive, covering 6 or so kilometres in less than 18 minutes.  I’m still coughing up the dust!  Next week, the guys are going to run a kids crit so the Reads are off to practice tonight and survey the track.  Twill be interesting.

The Wednesday night mountain bike rides remain my favourite.  The company is superb and the riding is of a standard which pushes me to the limits every week.  Former champs, current pros and guys like Brad Davies turning up, ensures the pace is on and the skills high.  Not to mention future National/World (????) downhill champ Aiden Varley amongst the group (keep an eye out for that one!).  I seriously have to consciously hold back from trying to follow his wheel in order to survive.

Good skills – Future champ – Aiden Varley.

And… there was a moment.  A rare moment which is extremely hard to catch on camera – but I did.  Mark McDougal having a little off (scroll down)… dragging his bike out of the bushes after my brother nearly cleaned him up coming the other way.  Apparently Doogs had a little speed on?!?… according to Tim.


Really?…  Why would we bother going anywhere else?

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