The Club – 31/12/2011

You know those days when you get back from a ride and you’re totally pinging?  You’re smashed, sweaty and ready for a nana nap… but you’ve had a ball.  You keep saying to your mates over-and-over again, “That was grouse.  Let’s do that again.  That was sooo good.”

Well, today was one of those days.  As we later sat slurping on Le Blanche thick shakes in the main street of Bright, all of us were reliving the best moments of a great club day.

150 kilometres in some of the best country in Australia with over 3500 metres of climbing would probably have prevented an immediate repeat but you get what I’m saying; the thoughts and feelings on a such a day are something you would like to replicate and record forever (thank God for Stava and blogs!).

Thirty two riders headed out to Harrietville together; a wide range of people and abilities but all with a common love of cycling.  It’s a testament to the Alpine Cycling Club and the north east generally, to see how many people are so passionate about this sport in a relatively small town.  We were supported by three generous ladies; Viv, Olga and… I’m sorry, I don’t know the name of the third one, who provided us with encouragement, food and water along the way.  Thanks guys, it was so important to have you along and we appreciate your help and support.

Viv and Aaron

Gary and Olga

I personally feel very proud to be part of such a strong and passionate club and I’m glad we could share it yesterday with visitors such as Wade, Craig and Ian from Melbourne – who will no doubt return and relay what a wonderful group of people we have dedicated to the sport in this area.

It was a ripper day and I’m so glad I was here this year to share it.


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