Wednesday to Wednesday; Christmas riding reflections – 28/12/11

A breather at Rob Roy Road on Christmas Eve (6am-ers MTB ride)

Wednesday 28 December – My ride up Mt. Buffalo this morning gave me good opportunity to reflect upon my Christmas week.  Yet again, I find I need to pinch myself to ensure I am within the realm of reality.  The good times and great company are beyond what I would say is normal.  I put my hand on my heart, thank God for my life and promise myself I will never take this for granted.

Gus and Neil - Wed night Fattie's ride - Yarra Trail

Wednesday 21 December – It had been far too long since I’d taken part in the Wednesday night Fattie’s smash through the Yarra Trails.  A horrible winter this year meant nobody was super keen to get out, and many of the trails have been unrideable in any case.  But Gus, Neil, Brett and I had a ball shredding through those inner trails and all of us are keen to make it regular – at least until winter.   (67 ks – geared MTB)

Dave and Ryan - catching up in Middle Park where all the Beautiful People hang out.

Thursday 22 December – A chance encounter with Dave Evans after Fatties had me committed to the morning North Road Ride (NRR).  So I met Dave in Malvern at 5.30am and we flew down to North Road thinking we were running late.  No need to fear; 100 of our closest friends were sitting there waiting for us and off we went to smash out another 50 before work.  Oh, how I miss that ride.  (70 ks – geared road)

Friday 23 December – After backing up Fatties with NRR (what I have dubbed my ‘B-Double’ – I was a bit twired.

We had a fantastic evening doing the Chrissy lights with the family, checking out the full-on light show at Oxley College in Chirnside Park and a couple of houses which were so lit up and extensively decorated that I wonder at the sanity of those who own them.  Yeah… it looks good but seriously – what possesses you people?

Which part of, "Roll away at 6" don't you understand Gus!

Saturday 24 December – After reinvigorating the washed out 6am-ers MTB ride of a few weeks ago, six of us (Diesel, Gus, Boris, Foggy, Mick and Matt ) met at Smiths Gully at 6.  Actually, 5 of us met at 6 and then Gus turned up.  4 hours of gorgeous country and challenging trails and we were done (this is what we did if you have access).

You know how I said I haven't crashed for a while? This is what I got up to on this ride.

A very tired Gus (on the ground having a snooze)

Brad in his pre-ride comfort position


I won’t mention the bit about me riding off the edge of the trail whilst taking a photo.  Unfortunately Mick was videoing and I’m just waiting for vid to go viral.

What a ball we had this day.  The photo at the top of this page says it all.      (Here are the rest of the photos)

46 ks and 3 hours on the Anthem.

Sunday 25 December – This post is getting too long and this day deserves it’s own.  So standby.

Monday 26 December – I love Boxing Day.  It’s always a day to get over the rushing and contemplate all your presents!  We caught up with my gorgeous cousin Jacinta and her family for morning tea. Nobody reminds me of my lovely grandparents more than Cint.

Flat as a tack; both me and the tyre - on Warrandyte Road, Warrandyte

A quick lone ride in the arvo saw me sitting on the side of the road in Warrandyte having exhausted all my spare tubes, patches and CO2 cartidges.  Grouse… 10 k in the bank!  Thanks God for great blokes and a bit of Christmas spirit.

Dave Patterson (I think?… first time I ever met him) came by in his car and offered to help.  He made a quick trip home, came back with a tube and a pump for me and had me back on the road in a jiffy. Mind you, I’d been there for an hour before he turned up to save me.

Henley Road, Kangaroo Ground after Christmas Day storms

Henley Road was trashed from the storms the night before and many low locations on roads were covered in inches of gravel and dirt from flash-flooding and higher-than-normal water levels.  I can’t help wondering what my brother Tim’s will be like (he’s in QLD).  Their house  would have born the brunt of it.

The most important visit of this day was the role along my new 6am-er Hammer Road.  This will be worked into the next Rhonda van Readie and will be sure to cause significant pain.  Strava is all set to record the segments… bring it on.

67 ks on the Lynskey.

Tuesday 27 December – Knackered!

Parmo and Paul at The Gap on Mt. Buffalo this morning

Wednesday 28 December – So that brings us back to today and my first day in Porepunkah has not disappointed.  67 on the roadie up Buffalo this morning and then 40 on the mountain bike this arvo have me once again… knackered!

A great group of about 16 of us headed out from the shop for the 6am ride which normally goes about a third of the way up Buffalo.  Four of us did the lot; me, Parmo, Paul and Marthijs.

I couldn’t believe when I got home, not only were my whole family still in bed but they were all still fast asleep!  I had to tip-toe around for an hour before anyone raised a sound.

“Therefore darling, this ride never occurred.”

And therefore, I felt obliged to get out with the local group on the MTB this arvo…

Just a few of the many who made it to the Bright Wednesday ride

So you can see why I say I’m in paradise.  I’m nearly wetting myself with excitement, much like Lucy was on Christmas morning when she opened her new iPod Touch…

Such genuine excitement is so exciting!


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