Can’t get too much of a good thing – 5/12/11

Despite the perfectly executed Mt. Hotham stage of the Tour of Bright… the highlight of my day was the ride up Mt. Buffalo with my son Jack (above).

Gus and me and Mackay's Lookout

Gus, Jack and I headed up the Buffalo Road at about 2pm intending, according to Jack, to go only as far as the mineral springs near Eurobin Point.  Once there, I struck a deal with Jack for Gus and I to go up ahead to MacKay’s Lookout where we would turn around to descend, pick Jack up and return home.  When we got back to Jack after allowing him to ride on his own for a while (without the adult 6am-er pressure!) his first words were, “I’m going to the top.”  You ripper.

Jack and me at The Gap (top of climb)

On Jack’s wishes, Gus and I continued to climb and loop back down to him over and over again until we reached The Gap (top of the climb).  For the second time this year (here’s the first), Jack has conquered this mountain and I’m proud as punch.  A top effort by the little fella which puts him in good stead for the Alpine Classic in January.

Earlier in the day I had continued my moto duties with Glen on the back to film the Hotham stage of the Tour of Bright.  Due to the atrocious conditions on top of the mountain, the race directors (Aaron and Dave) had made the call to bring the finish line back down the mountain.  Many were disappointed but the same people also commented later in the day on what a good call it was.  If they had kept the finish line at the top, the day would have been absolutely horrible for all.

Super Race Directors, Aaron and Dave. They (along with other key people and 70 or so volunteers) did an absolutely brilliant job pulling off the best Tour of Bright yet - top job!

Mt. Hotham stage finish line

Even though this photo (above) is pretty-as-a-picture, the temperature was below 5 degrees and the wind-chill made it even colder.  It was positively freezing!  All categories experienced hard racing and Mount Hotham, even without the hardest 10km of climbing to the top, is still a very challenging climb.

Tail of 'A' grade at the start of The Meg

The Meg – a 500m pinch of about 10 percent 5k from the bottom – had most riders clearly expressing the face of pain and Glen was able to get some great footage of the torture.

Kind of like this shot of Andy Schlek!…

A top effort by everyone racing and working on this race.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results of Glen’s camera and editting artistry.  I have a feeling he is very much the artist and I think he’s going to do wonderful things with the footage we were able to get.

But this will be my main memory of the day.  My son Jack topping the Mt. Buffalo climb for the second time in his life… and no doubt, only the second of many.

Hitting the top.

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