B1 and B2 at the WFB – 16/11/2011

Gus / Diesel

Gus and I were so keen we started the queue ourselves and lined up as B1 and B2 at the World Famous Bouly this arvo.  I couldn’t help drawing the parallels…

It’s a pitty we didn’t cross the line in positions consistent with our numbers.

We weren’t the only 6am-ers up for a hit-out.  The Claw, Foggy, Streamline and 2Laps lined up, as well as good 6am-er friends Mr. C and Brendan (who ended up coming second by 6 inches).

Apart from my normal freaking out around “that corner” I rode a pretty comfortable race.  My recovery from a massive weekend has been reasonable but I’m still super sore in the legs, especially the hammys which were stretched to twice thier normal length playing basketball on Sunday.

It was good to blow the cob-webs out and I gave it a real good shot in a serious push to take out the intermediate sprint.  I got well clear on the bottom corner – the only way I’m comfortable doing it – and thought I had a pretty clear run up the hill but the legs couldn’t quite carry me all the way and big Murph powered over me towards the top.  A great effort by Murph because I started from the corner with a pretty good lead.

That  took what was left of my leg speed for the day and I couldn’t repeat the effort for the finish, so I sat up around “that b%&$%y corner” to avoid the fear of pedal-touches and stuff-ups.

On my ride home with Noel and Shawie – and after a big week of out-of-the-ordinary physical exertion – I felt like a shadow of my former self so ironically… this photo had to be taken.

It was nice to get back and race at the WFB again… but I still bloody well hate “that corner”!


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