Up, Up and away (for a good cause thank God!) – 13/11/11

If it wasn’t for Coco, I might be more tired now than I already am.

This pup followed Mick and I for about 8 kilometres on our Saturday arvo MTB ride from the Bend of Isles. She was so knackered and attached to us by then that we ended up sitting on the Yarra Glen Road for an hour waiting for her owner to come and collect her.

That pretty much set me up with a very cruisy attitude for the remainder of our ride; one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in a long while.

36 ks over 3 hrs with an average speed of 11.5 kph – that kind of says it all. In any other circumstances I might keep those few stats secret, but with the Eureka climb coming up on Sunday I don’t mind admitting that I was taking it pretty easy. Thanks Coco for my lovely relaxed roll through the bush of Kangaroo Ground and Smiths Gully. It was beautiful.

Sunday came all too quickly and at 9 a.m., I found myself warming up with my nervous son for the climb up the 1700 steps (88 floors) to the top of the Eureka Tower.

Before we knew it we were half-way up and Jack got into the groove so quickly that he didn’t want to stop to take this photo as, “it’ll effect my time dad… hurry up!” All those nerves for naught. He finished the climb in 16:31 coming 16th in his age-group. All without a step of training – wait til next year!

We were happy to be at the top. A great effort by Jack and a very proud dad. Next year Lucy’s up for it too she reckons.

I later climbed again with my work team of four climbers. I improved on last years time by 40 seconds, clocking in at 12:27 (it’s amazing what a bit of knowledge and experience can do). Ox improved his time as well, also improving by about 40 seconds and beating me for the second year in a row by about 13 second (bugger!).

My good friend and fellow 6am-er Andy Prestage (Crash Test) also competed as an individual hitting the top in 12:51. This year his wife Angela kept the bun nice and warm in the oven at ground level. I think if she’d tried to climb, she would have had the baby at about the 40th floor.

Surprisingly, I’ve found I’ve had a blast competing in this event these last two years. I think it will now be a real staple event for the Read family. It’s good fun… give it a try – you’ll be surprised.

Then – stupidly – I agreed to play my first game of basketball in 10 years last night.

Today I’ve struggled to walk… and I certainly didn’t need Coco to assist me with a very cruisy Hoot of a Commute home from work this arvo. At least I averaged 18kph today.

With Coco, tower climbs and basketball I’m going to settle into this cruisy form of cycling far too easily. It’s pleasant I must say… but it’s not really going to get me far when the hammer goes down.

Hurt Box tomorrow – that’ll sort me out.


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