Wine, heaven, sunshine, heaven and slogging… heaven – 06/11/2011

How good is this?!?

It’s mornings like these that I often think about the majority of Melbournians who are still in bed, missing out on the experience of enjoying such beautiful early views.  The Yarra Valley was at it’s best this morning and the 6am-ers certainly made the most of it.

Eleven of us rolled out for another effort at Toolangi; a number of previous plans having been thwarted due to disgraceful weather.     (Attendees – 6am-ers: Shawie, Diesel, Bender, Foggy, Gus, Gilmore, Taylo, The Claw, Mad Mike [briefly] – and FO6am-ers:  Craig Mitchell and Brendon)

The route, led by Shawie, out through the smaller roads of Wandin and Gruyere were just beautiful.  Most we have ridden – but some of these roads have never seen a 6am-er wheel (albeit plenty of tractors).  Many of us were salivating at the thought of a sunny afternoon parked on one of these local winery decks… they were everywhere.  And – in fact – The Claw had such plans, later to meet Amanda and friends at a local winery for lunch.  Such forethought!

With 70+ks under our belt we hit the start of the main climb of the day up Chum creek Road.  It’s a beautiful climb (gradient set just for me!) and we also enjoyed the smoothly cambered descent, not giving too much thought to the distance we were from home.

A slog in the cross-breeze over to Yarra Glen, a quick coffee and a big slog home.  All in a standard day for a standard 6am-er.

140ks in the bank for me with 2500m climbing, but much more for some (Gus at least – doing another 40 with his to and from Fitzroy).

Great work to Taylo and Gilmore in particular, who both struggled to hold the group across to Yarra Glen but gritted their teeth and fought those winds.  Top effort.

And one little after-thought from me.  What was I thinking when I said I’d play basketball tonight; my first game in about 10 years!  I know when my good friend Dave did the same thing a few weeks ago, he couldn’t walk on Monday and had to take the day off work.  Update to follow.  Really… I’m far too old – but curious.

Yarra Valley winery country


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